At Santosa Detox Center in Phuket, we describe ourselves as vegetarian raw foodists and we invite you to share our views and food inclination with us.

Raw Food Diet

If you eat raw foods between 75% – 100%, you will be considered as a raw foodist. However, raw food concept might seem like strange to most people because we have been cooking our food for thousands of years, and obviously cooking is the main social activity in homes. In fact, raw food is almost completely usable by body and nutrient rich. Cooking meals degrade essential nutrients that might be the reason why human suffer from certain disease in increasing number. For example, cultures that eat predominantly raw food do not exhibit as many individuals with diseases such as heart disease, stroke and high blood pressure.

Heating food beyond 118 degree F. will cause documented changes to the chemical and molecular structure of food, which removes valuable nutrients and creates toxins. These toxins continue to build up as you consume your cooked meals and this can skew the acid alkaline balance in the body, which can lead to disease and weight gain.

All foods naturally contain various amounts of enzymes which are important in the body for digestion, cell division, hormone balance and immune system. However, cooking destroys these natural enzymes and that means the body has to work extra hard to ingest the food. Sometimes the body is not able to digest everything, which causes arteries and digestive tracts to get clogged up by undigested proteins, fats and starches. In other way, 

Studies have shown that even taking a few raw food meals a week can already help improve your health. it is important to take it slowly and do some research rather than jumping in feet first, especially if you are an avid carnivore or have a sweet tooth. Branch out from salads to tasty creative raw recipes and before you know it you will be a raw foodist, on the road to vital health and longevity!