The superior doctor prevents sickness;

The mediocre doctor attends to impending sickness;

The inferior doctor treats actual sickness.”

Chinese Proverb

It is important to understand that the Santosa Wellness approach is more in tune with healthy sustainable prevention than pharmaceutical quick fixes that can address the symptoms but not necessarily address the root problem. Allopathic medicine (Modern Medicine) is the research and development of new pharmaceutical drugs and techniques to treat a disease or chronic illness. So with allopathic medicine, the cure will not be known till the disease is already established or the person’s health has suffered enough for the drugs to be affective. Of course this branch of medicine has a true and honest place in the overall portfolio of available health and wellbeing techniques; it is that Santosa prefers to take a more pro-active position when confronting conditions that may be caused by the individual’s lifestyle habits – nutrition, exercise and rest.

This piece is not to criticize the use of pharmaceutical drugs and intrusive surgery, just the opposite; it is to remind people that living a well-balanced lifestyle, can dramatically reduce the chances of some of the most dangerous conditions that kill people worldwide – heart disease, organ damage and failure, diabetes and even some cancers. Part of the process of living a well-balanced lifestyle is education. Santos Wellness welcomes everyone to participate in the many engaging classes held regularly through the week and make use of the extensive library.