Supercharge your diet with SUPPLEMENTS!

Santosa’sarray of superfoods are the ultimate in biologically hacking our mind and body to perform at its most optimal level.

Why do we need superfoods?

Partly because we no longer receive sufficient nutrients in our food sources due to genetic modification, high processing and preparation at extreme temperature which often destroys much of the nutritional content. 

How can natural supplements help us?

Supplementation can assist us not only to absorb the correct nutrients, but can also make us work at peak-performance, by naturally balancing out hormones, assisting poor digestion, helping to oxygenate the blood, stimulating peak athletic performance or assisting with stress management. It is incredible to think that we have tried to solve a whole host of conditions with pharmaceuticals, when nature has always provided so many remedies that our superfoods can solve.

Rediscover ancient remedies and learn to be mindful about what your body needs in order to reach its optimal peak performance… come into Santosa Detox Center in Phuket to discover the vast array of natural supplements that we have available at our juice bar today!