Say Goodbye to Stomach Bloat

Say Goodbye to Stomach Bloat

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While it is important to maintain a healthy diet loaded with nutrient dense whole food, are you aware that the manner in which you eat is equally important? Last week we started our “Santosa Healthy Eating Tips” series and got a very positive response. Through 4 tips we explained what happens when we are in the early stages of digestion, from the brain to the mouth to the stomach, and just how important gastric acid is. Now we would like to sum up these 4 tips to talk about the whole upper GI system.

Obviously the stomach plays an important part in digestion, however, did you know that the stomach is all about acid? The acid in the stomach helps with digestion and can also play a part in suffering a gassy or bloated stomach.

Always Remember to Chew Your Food

When eating, it is recommended that the food is chewed at least 25 times. Digestion starts from the brain, and when you smell and see food the brain will pass a message to the salivary glands. While chewing food in the mouth, the salivary glands excrete saliva and the most important enzyme, named amylase, will break down starches in the mouth. If you eat carbs, it is during this stage that they taste sweet. It is important to always chew your food well. If you don’t, the unbroken down starches will eventually end up in the intestine, and they can fuel the digestive issue known as candida.

What Happens in the  Stomach?

After the food is chewed, the bolus moves through the esophagus to the stomach. Here, the stomach continues the breakdown of the food as well as some chemical activities. When the food arrives in the stomach, the gastric acids of Mucous, Pepsinogen and Hydrochloric (HCL) are secreted into the stomach. Once the stomach churns the bolus and mixes it with gastric juice, the food is broken down even more into an acidic paste called chyme.

In this stage, HCL plays the most important role. The PH of HCL is 0.8, almost purely acid. If you don’t have enough gastric acid (HCL), meaning the chyme is not acidic enough, the pyloric sphincter will not let it pass through to the small intestine. Instead, they will stay in the stomach longer. The carbs will be fermented, protein will be putrefied and the fat will go rancid. All the good food you take into your body becomes toxins instead of nutrients.

When it doesn’t go down, you start to feel bloated and gassy. Sometimes it will even come back up, though it’s not acidic enough to let the pyloric sphincter open, but it’s way too acidic for the esophagus and that’s why you have a burning sensation. The stomach truly is all about acid. When we have enough gastric acid, the food is able to move to the small intestine in an efficient way.

The Importance of Gastric Acid

Gastric Acid is important because it plays an essential role in the immune system by killing bacteria and harmful parasites that are often ingested with food. Healthy gastric juice disinfects the stomach and stimulates gastrin. Gastrin is produced by G cells. When the food enters the body, G cells trigger the release of gastrin into the blood. In turn, food is broken down and digested.

Proteins are digested with stomach acid and enzymes, and they are much needed by the body to complete the digestion process. Enzymes break down protein and rely on stomach acid to turn them on.

If your body has a lack of gastric acid, you could feel bloated, gassy or suffer from heartburn. There are many factors that can contribute to a lack of gastric acid production, however, stress really is the biggest factor. If one eats when stressed, the body remains in sympathetic nerve system. This means the body is ready to fight and digestion isn’t its top priority. During this time, the brain will not pass any signal to your stomach to produce gastric acid, so you won’t be able to digest your food.

Avoid being stressed when it is time to eat. If you are a working professional, try not to schedule lunch meetings. If you are a parent, don’t scold your children before the eat so that they are anxious. All of us would be best to remember to put away our smartphones and tablets when it’s time to eat. Enjoy the moment and the food and digestion is sure to come easily and naturally.

Healthy Eating at Santosa

Here at Santosa, we have an exceptional Healthy Eating Program that is designed to teach you about healthy eating habits, introduce you to a vegan diet and prepare your body for a more intense detox, if you choose to do that.

For more information, simply fill out the inquiry form below. We look forward to welcoming you to our state-of-the-art detox retreat in Phuket, Thailand.

When is Time to Detox?

When is Time to Detox?

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The human body is amazing and able to endure the constant waves of toxins from within and without. However, even the human body needs a break and a reset. Are you experiencing symptoms? Perhaps you are feeling fatigued, suffering severe headaches, having abnormal bowel movements or overall jut feeling bloated and sluggish?

Although normal from time to time, is these types of symptoms occur on a regular basis it is definitely time to give your body a much needed detox.

While a detox may not be a cure-all, it is a tried and true method to better health. A detox gives the digestive system a break, improves certain intolerable symptoms and sets your body on a path to healing itself for good. Your body is your temple, therefore, it is important to take care of it in the best way possible.

Why should we detox?

Detox helps rid the body of toxins from both the inside and the outside, and this is much needed. For example, ways that our bodies are exposed to toxins include the following:

  • We inhale toxins
  • We absorb toxins through our skin
  • We swallow them in our food and water
  • We suffer toxins from incomplete digestion

In order to eradicate all of the damage from toxins, it is important to rid our bodies of them. A detox helps flush out impurities from the body. A detox can ensure that you will lose body waste and release stored up toxins. You’ll feel lighter, have more energy and also be able to become more focused.

How to start a detox?

If you are considering a detox, it is best to prepare yourself both mentally and physically beforehand. Detox starts with you diet, so therefore it is important to limit sugary and carbonated drinks and replace them with water or by drinking more water. Start eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, limit bad fats and avoid alcohol. If you are not a person who exercises often, start to move. Even if it is just thirty minutes a day, you will start to feel better and have more energy. Focus on your end goal, what you hope to achieve from the detox and consider your mind, heart and spirit, too as often, these all need detoxing as well.

Detoxing at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Once you complete initial steps, it best to find a detox center or a health & wellness center that is able to offer assistance and guidance for a full-blown detox program. Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is located on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Ours is a state-of-the-art detox retreat which offers a wide variety of detox programs and health & fitness activities to kickstart your health and get it back on track.

We offer a holistic approach and are here every step of the way. Our dedicated staff are all professionals and knowledgeable in their fields, and are willing to be a shoulder to cry on, a sympathetic ear or to give the best advice we can give. Awaken Life’s Potential at our detox retreat in Phuket.

For more information, fill out the enquiry form below and a member of staff will get back to you.

How to Start a 7-Day Detox Retreat

How to Start a 7-Day Detox Retreat

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In this day and age, many of us have glorified being busy. We are busy with work, busy with our families, busy with our children, busy in our communities; let’s face it, we are just plain busy. However, the act of being busy can often times damage our health. For example, busy makes us stressed, busy makes us tired, busy gives us little free time, busy finds us turning to caffeinated drinks and sugary snacks to get through the day. To sum it up, busy can wreak havoc on our health and cause us to feel emotionally overwhelmed and physically exhausted.

Have you come to a point where you’ve had enough? Are you looking to get your life on track? Is now the time to put everything else aside, all of the commitments and things that make you busy, and focus on yourself? Are you reevaluating your health and hoping to make a healthier lifestyle a priority? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, chances are the time is right for you to commit to a detox program. Although any detox program is beneficial, if you are really feeling run-down and low, a 7-day detox retreat would be a wise choice. The reason being is that the longer a detox program, the deeper the purification of the body will be.

Preparing for a 7-Day Detox Retreat

Santosa Detox Wellness Center Beautiful Women Is Drinking WaterA 7-day detox retreat does not have to be challenging, especially if you prepare yourself both mentally and physically beforehand. One you have chosen a program that is right for you and suitable for the lifestyle changes you need, focus on moving forward and preparing yourself for what is to come.

In anticipation of recharging and refreshing your body, there are a few things that can be done before you arrive at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center for a detox experience of a lifetime. Some pre-detox retreat tips include:

  1. Hydrate – if you are not used to drinking water, please start now. Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water a day as it flushes out toxins from the body and helps curb hunger pains.
  1. Eliminate sugar and alcohol – Stop drinking alcohol and stop eating sugary foods. Instead, focus on eating lots of vegetables and adding whole foods to your daily menus.
  1. Eat your veggies – make sure to eat fresh, delicious vegetables on a daily basis. While focusing on eating the rainbow, you should also make sure to eat lots of high-fiber, high-water vegetables such as spinach, asparagus and squash.
  1. Low sodium – stay away from pre-packaged items and soups that add sodium to your diet. Reducing sodium helps your body to get rid of it.

Welcome to Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

It’s finally happened. Your big day is here. After preparing your body for a 7-day detox retreat, you have arrived at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center on the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Surrounded by abundant nature and tropical vegetation, you start to relax as you explore the center. You feel at ease when you meet the staff and truly understand that each and every one of them is here for you. To answer your questions, introduce your program, ease your nerves and be your support system throughout your detox retreat.

You feel comfortable exploring the center and seeing how clean the facilities are. You are also excited to try all that the detox retreat offers, whether it be HIIT class, Vinyasa Hot Yoga class, Vegan Cooking class, Beginners Meditation or Zumba. You know you have made the right decision and know that after your 7-day detox retreat, you will happier, healthier and have more energy.

Awaken Life’s Potential 

To learn more about our 7-day detox retreat programs, simply fill out the enquiry form. A member of staff will get back to you. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Santosa Detox & Wellness Center. Awaken life’s potential – take time for you and get your health back on track.

Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation

Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation

Does your brain and your emotions have you down? Are you feeling like you are stuck in a rut? Do you feel like you are losing of touch of who you are and the things that matter most to you? Are you seeking your own inner path?

Do you want to optimize your health intended as a complete state of wellbeing for your body, mind and soul? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you are ready to go through an emotional detox.

All-new at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, the Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation program is customized to individual needs and is sure to give you the power that you need to awaken life’s potential.

Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation is a 7 day program that features 3 instructors and practitioners for more than 15 private sessions of holistic health practices, energy work, coaching and restorative practices. This program will support finding a better balance and renewed purpose in your life.

The program focuses on an integrated approach as it facilitates a personal transformation aimed at creating major life changes, awakening the human spirit and maximizing each participant’s potential. Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation endeavors to be the incredible journey you need to change your life.

Guided by expert instructors and practitioners, program participants will discover emotional practices and wellness therapies to help access the deepest parts of their psyche, which in turn can release emotional damage and encourage the program participants to heal and grow.

Highlights of the Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation program include the following:

● Health and Wellness Questionnaire

● Consultation and program orientation upon arrival

● Metacoaching

● Tibetan Reiki Healing

● Sound Healing

● Crystal Healing

● Peak experiences, transformational and motivational stories

● Reconnective healing

● Restabilization and cleansing of the electromagnetic field

● Guidance and coaching sessions

● Thetahealing and work on belief systems

● Breathwork

● Emotional release through eye movement therapy  (EMDR/DMOKA)

● Family and Systemic Constellations

● Training and exercises

● Meditation

● Unlimited use of the Santosa gym, sauna & ice pool

● Resolution meeting

Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation is a program like Santosa has never seen before. In this day and age, tapping into our psyche and letting go all of the “baggage” we carry around is very important. Emotional baggage can be influenced by so many outside factors, but often times, it is deep-rooted and hidden away. An emotional detox will help get to the root of the problem and offer the participant the chance to eradicate the problem and flourish.

Interested in learning more about the Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation program? Simply fill out the enquiry form below and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible. Note that until the end of July, Santosa is offering a 20% discount off the total price package of the program. It is possible to discuss this special offer with a member of staff.

As Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation is a 7 day program, our team of experts here at Santosa suggest an overall holistic approach by teaming this program with the 7 day Raw Fast Detox program.

We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa Detox & Wellness Center and our Emotional Detox: A Vital Transformation program.