Losing Weight with Detox: The Healthy Way

Losing Weight with Detox: The Healthy Way

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You may have heard of the term Detox before, and since you’re reading these lines, you may even actively look to take up Detoxing for yourself. With that, you are most definitely not alone! But, why Detoxing? What is the reason why Detoxing has become such a popular term and what does it actually stand for? This is what this article will focus on in this edition, together with a few tips, and guidelines, terms and suggestions about Detoxing. Ready to get started? Read on!

During our daily lives, we are becoming increasingly exposed to a number of chemicals in our food supply, the air we breathe, and through many common items we are using daily, including cosmetics and household cleaning products. In short, what you may have found to be quite harmless, as the human body is built to learn to adapt, is in fact quite harmful to you, and ultimately also your digestive system.

The side effects of being exposed to such chemicals day in and day out, is that these chemicals build up in our system and ultimately end up stall our weight loss efforts. While many other factors often contribute further to that, researchers find that environmental toxins play a crucial role in being overweight or obese.

Detoxifying your body

Since an increasing number of people are realizing that they are gaining weight, either due to the harmful side-effects of the above-mentioned chemicals, or due to stress in their respective everyday life; or simply because they’re not getting enough daily exercise, and build enough healthy routines into their lives, the eyes have now turned to detoxification and gearing down more than ever before. This is also why more and more Detox diets are getting media attention, and that’s also why an increasing number of people are looking for sustainable and surefire ways to detoxify their bodies.

Quick note: For those not sure what the definition of Detox really stretches over, we may, at this point, for clearance sake, quickly mention that according to the Cambridge Dictionary, Detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification.

Detoxing, the right way

Since Detoxing has won back popularity in a landslide, partly thanks to the attention from the media, celebrities and other public figures, but perhaps mainly because people started to remember that it simply is the best way to ‘reset’ their digestive system, the internet together with the trend, seems to be overly filled with Health-Guru’s that appear to have ‘invented’ one Detox-diet better and more promising than the other – and that’s where you need to be careful, if Detoxing in a healthy way, is what you’re looking to achieve.

There are simply all too many 3-day, 5-day or 7-day plans to choose from, but not all of them will actually help you really lose weight in a healthy way, without putting your health at stake, if at all. Fact is, to slim down, you need to choose a Detox that is both healthy and specifically designed for weight loss, if that is your goal with Detoxing.

At Santosa Detox and Wellness Center in Phuket, we only hire and employ certified professionals as to prevent these common misinterpretations of Detoxing. This, we do as a way to not halt or hinder the motivation of those who are really keen on losing toxins and weight, and to prevent that guests are jeopardizing their health.

Ways of Detoxing at the Santosa Detox and Wellness Center

Exercise Weight Loss Phuket SantosaDuring a retreat at the Santosa Detox and Wellness Center, you in fact have several choices of Fasting programs for weight loss at your disposal. The most efficient way of rapidly losing weight, and thereby changing your lifestyle, is to join our Full Fast or Juice Fast programs. Following one of these programs not only help you Detox while staying at our center, but it can moreover be applied afterwards as well, as you’ll learn exactly how these programs are carried out to life even after your stay.

Did you know: The skin actually acts like a second kidney. Sweat glands permeate the skin’s 11,000 square feet of surface area (which includes skin surface, sweat glands, and ducts).

What you may want to consider before choosing one our detox programs is how much weight you actually need, or want to lose. Although a detox-diet is highly boosting your weight-loss, the desired results also increasingly depend on the original weight you have to begin with. If your BMI for instance is very high, usually you can lose 0,5 to 1 kg, depending on whether you are a gentleman or a lady, respectively. If you however are normal weighted to begin with, there naturally also isn’t that much to lose, so don’t expect wonder-cures as these Health-Gurus preach about, as that is not guaranteed. It still very much depends on your digestive system, your motivation, effort and ability to wind down and willingness to participate in one of our programs.

Note: Our organs and tissues are actually constantly in a state of detoxification by itself too— getting rid of unwanted substances produced by the body or from our environment. The liver, kidney, lungs, skin, and gastrointestinal system are designed to remove toxins that accumulate in the body naturally. But following a detox diet full of natural foods can enhance the body’s ability to cleanse.

No matter which of our Detox programs you choose however, a 5-7 days period weight loss retreat is enough to kick off a healthy new life style, learn how to eat healthily, how to treat the body and how to maintain the weight.

Quick tip: During a detoxification, drinking 2 liters of pure, filtered water daily is sufficient for diuresis (increased or excessive production of urine) and thereby initiate the removal of toxins.

Besides helping you eliminate the wrong foods that can contribute to weight gain, choosing the right detox program can give your liver and overall health a much needed boost, eliminating those excess toxins that often puts the digestion in slow-motion.

Sneak-peek from the program: To boost weight-loss, we encourage our guests to do Sauna with adjoining ice baths to sweat out toxins naturally.

So, how do you choose the best detox diet that is healthy and not harmful? If you’re having difficulty in choosing the right detox diet to boost your weight-loss or to get rid of toxins, feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation to make the most qualified and most healthy choice based on your individual goal and physical state.

To get in touch with us, please refer to our Contact page.


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What really is the difference between Fasting, Detoxing and Juicing?

What really is the difference between Fasting, Detoxing and Juicing?

You’ve probably heard the above terms being mentioned before. They’re being mentioned in the news, you read them repeatedly online, or see them being talked about on TV. Even renowned health and lifestyle magazines have dedicated whole sections on these topics alone, and it is a trend that is likely here to stay. But what really does Fasting, Detoxing and Juicing stand for respectively? Is it only another trend being over-marketed and overhyped, or is it in fact a sincere recipe for a healthier, more agile and nutritious lifestyle? These questions, we’ll be providing answers to in this, hopefully informative, article brought to you by the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand.

Without further ado, let’s begin with the first of the 3 terms; Fasting.

What is Fasting?

Water Infusion Detox SantosaThe definition of Fasting is the voluntary abstinence (or reduction) from some or all foods, drinks, or both, for a certain period of time.
An absolute fast, or dry fasting, normally is defined as an abstinence from all food and liquid for a defined period. Other fasts may be partially restrictive, limiting only particular foods or substances, or be intermittent.

A person is assumed to be fasting once 8–12 hours have elapsed since the last meal. Metabolic changes of the fasting state begin after absorption of a meal (typically 3–5 hours after eating).

Fasting has been shown to have many health benefits, from increased weight loss to better brain function.

Here are just some of the benefits to take away with you from this article:

Fasting is known to be:

  1. Helping you regulate your blood sugar control
  2. Helping you fight off inflammations as to promote better health
  3. Helping you enhance hearth health by improving blood pressure and Cholesterol levels
  4. Boosting your brain function and preventing neurodegenerative disorders
  5. Aiding with weight loss by limiting calorie intake and boosting Metabolism
  6. Increasing growth hormone secretion (vital for growth and muscle strength)
  7. Delaying aging and extending longevity
  8. Believed to aid in Cancer prevention and increasing the effectiveness of Chemotherapy

There are many different types of fasts, making it easy for even a beginner to find a method that fits your lifestyle. At the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center you’ll among others find the Full Fast Program, Juice Fast Program and the Raw Fast Program,which you can read about by clicking on the individual topics.

Despite the long list of possible health benefits associated with fasting, it may not be right for everyone. If you for example suffer from diabetes or low blood sugar, fasting can lead to spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels, which could be potentially dangerous. However, with your stay at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center you’ll be monitored and checked thoroughly before, during and after your stay, so there’s no risk for you to suffer imbalances with your health.

What is Juicing?

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand Galley Juice Fast 05In short, Juicing is described as the process of extracting juice from plant tissues such as fruit or vegetables. There are many methods of Juicing, although it may seem quite straightforward.
From squeezing fruit by hand to wide-scale extraction with industrial equipment, Juicing is generally the preferred method of consuming large amounts of fruit or vegetables quickly and is often completed with a household appliance called a Juicer, which may be as simple as a cone upon which fruit and vegetables are being mashed, or as sophisticated as a variable-speed, motor-driven device, which is widely accessible in retail.
Juicing is often practiced for dietary reasons or as a form of alternative medicine. Becoming first popular in the early 1970s, interest in juicing has since increased drastically.

A Juice fast, as it is being offered by the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, is a cleanse program with the aim to nourish and detoxify the body consuming fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish cells with the correct amounts of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants.

Juicing has been shown to have many health benefits, from increasing nutrient absorption to help detoxifying your body.

Here are just some of the benefits to take away with you from this article:

Juicing is known to be:

  1. Allowing for more nutrient absorption
  2. Allowing you to consume a wider range of vegetables
  3. Feeding good bacteria to the gut
  4. Aiding you with fighting Cancer
  5. Helping lower too high Cholesterol levels
  6. Helping to detoxify our bodies
  7. Lowering blood sugar levels
  8. Helping you get a better skin
  9. Improving athletic performance

Sounds interesting? Make sure to check out the Juice Fast Retreat Program of the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

What is Detoxing?

Belly Hearth Girl Detox SantosaDetoxing is generally being acknowledged as a short-term dietary intervention designed to eliminate toxins from your body. A detox diet typically involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet of fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, and water. Sometimes a detox also includes herbs, teas, supplements, and colon cleanses or enemas, but that varies largely on the treatment method in use.

Detox therapies are most commonly recommended because of potential earlier exposure to toxic chemicals in the environment, or your diet. These include pollutants, synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, and other harmful compounds.

These diets are also claimed to help with various health problems, including obesity, digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, allergies, bloating, and chronic fatigue.

Detox diets are claimed to:

  • Rest your organs by fasting
  • Stimulate your liver to get rid of toxins
  • Promote toxin elimination through feces, urine, and sweat
  • Improve blood circulations
  • Provide your body with healthy nutrients

No matter how healthy you think your diet or lifestyle may be, external factors still require us to give the body a chance to recharge and dispel anything that may be holding us back from experiencing superior health and long lasting vitality. Detoxification frees vital cellular and organ activities to help you with functioning productively and efficiently throughout each day. The systems involved in detoxification include: Cardiovascular System, Digestive System, Lymph System, Skin, Urinary System, Respiratory System. It’s very important to support and help all these channel open up and work properly during detoxification. At the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, one of our main goals is to help you achieve detox result with sufficient support.

If Detoxing should have triggered your interest, please refer to these Detox Programs offered by the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand.

Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of Detox, but no idea where to start?

Constantly feeling fatigued, having frequent migraines, skin issues? Do you bloat up after meals, crave for sugar/caffeine, feeling emotionally unstable? Or do you perhaps pick up a cold easily? If you have one of these signs, it’s practically your body calling out for a Detox to reboot.

At the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center near Kata Beach in Phuket, we offer various detox & wellness retreats from 3 to 21 days all year round.

Our programs cover Detox, Yoga & Wellness, Healthy Vegan and Emotion cleanse. From body to mind to soul, you can always find the one program that fits your needs.
Our dedicated team will work with you at your own pace to help you discover where you are standing physically and emotionally, offering the best advice along the way to truly make you toxin and stress-free.

Detox, Fasting, Juice, Raw foods, Colon cleansing, Yoga and Fitness classes, a Vegan restaurant – that’s just some of the many opportunities that await you at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in Phuket!

For prices, enquiries, accommodation bookings and more, please get in touch with us.

How to Start a Detox at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

How to Start a Detox at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Are you feeling down and out? Have your energy levels dropped? Do you feel sluggish and lethargic? If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps it is time to look into a detox program.

Perhaps you are still a bit unsure as to what exactly a detox is? Simply put, a detox is a process in which a person makes a lifestyle change to clear the body of toxins. These lifestyle changes typically involve abstaining from certain harmful things and optimizing various body processes. Some of these lifestyle changes are temporary, while others are permanent.

The most important thing to remember is that the purpose of a detox is to remove toxins from the body. What exactly are toxins? Toxins are any substance that can be poisonous or cause negative health effects in the body. The term toxins refers to all chemicals, pollutants, artificial food ingredients, pesticides, metals, and outside pollutants that cause the body harm. It is important to rid the body of toxins so that it can perform its functions to the best of its capabilities.

With all of this information in mind, the big question now is how to start a detox? Although it is possible to do a detox or body cleanse by yourself, you will most certainly reap the benefits even more if you choose to stay for a few days at a detox & wellness center to complete your program. Staying in a detox & wellness center allows you to surround yourself with likeminded individuals who will be there with you every step of the way during your program to offer kind words and support.

meditation at homeHere at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, we offer a wide variety of detox programs that are well-rounded and truly provide an overall health and wellness experience. Ours is a nurturing environment, while our highly knowledgeable staff and practitioners are here to answer questions, offer support and push you to be your very best while starting or perhaps restarting your health and wellness journey.

Once your detox program at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center is complete, we will continue to offer you support if you wish. All that you need to remember is that we are only an email or a phone call away. When our guests leave the center, we want to see them succeed and we will do all that we can remotely to ensure that this happens.

So, how do you a start a detox at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center? The answer is quite simple – just come! Take a look at the website and let us know which programs interest or suit your current lifestyle, book your airplane ticket and just come. Once you arrive at our center in Phuket, Thailand, we will help facilitate your stay with us through a daily schedule of activities, free talks and workshops. You will also have the chance to enjoy healthy, plant-based meals from our excellent on-site vegan restaurant.

If you are interested in learning more, or wish to discuss a detox program suitable for your lifestyle with a member of staff, simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa Detox & Wellness Center where we will help you awaken life’s potential and be the very best you can be.

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Without a doubt, you have heard how good a plant-based diet is for you. Not only does it benefit our health and waistline, but it is also better for the environment, your wallet and conscience. A plant-based diet is a diet rich in fresh fruit and vegetables as well as whole grains, nuts, seeds, beans and legumes instead of animal products and processed foods.


A wide variety of studies have found that switching to a diet heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables may help combat chronic disease as well as keep your body looking svelte. Eating more nuts and grains, while reducing or cutting out meat completely and eliminating dairy products, improves cardiovascular health. Plant-based diets have also been known to lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol and lower rates of cancer.


Once you start eating a more plant-based diet, you will notice that you no longer feel sluggish or as tired. It is possible to change your health by switching to more of a plant-based diet. In addition to the examples above, plant-based diets also help with an overall better blood sugar. Eating more fiber is the number one way to combat high blood sugar, which is a serious risk as it often leads to the development of diabetes. Fiber slows down the absorption of sugars in the blood stream. Therefore, eating more high fiber vegetables such as broccoli, peas and Brussels sprouts helps to not only stabilize blood sugar levels, but also battle high cortisol levels which cause stress.


Plant-based diets are also extremely effective when it comes to losing weight. Instead of eating fatty, processed foods turn to leafy greans, fresh fruits and legumes. Not only will you cut calories, you will always feel full.


Another advantage of a plant-based diet is that it is more economical, especially if you eat in-season and eat local produce. It is quite easy to become plant-powered, so start filling up your plate with the good stuff for a healthier diet and overall improved sense of well-being.


Are you interested in learning more about a plant-based diet? Does going 100% plant-based appeal to you? If you answered yes to either of those questions, please fill out the enquiry form below and a member of our dedicated staff will get back to you.


Here at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center, we are quite knowledgeable with regards to plant-based diets. We have an outstanding on-site vegan restaurant that serves 5 star raw cuisine, and we also offer classes with our chef with regards to plant-based vegan diets and “cooking” raw.


In addition to the restaurant facilities, we offer a variety of detox programs that are focused on incorporating raw food. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, we can help you.


Ours is a nurturing environment, and we are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful, tropical nature. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Santosa Detox and Wellness Center in Phuket, Thailand.

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