Meet the Future of Cancer Research

Meet the Future of Cancer Research

Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Eva Vertes Cancer Research

Eva Vertes – Meet the Future of Cancer Research

At 19 years old, Eva Vertes gave her first TED talk. She is an American Alzheimer’s and cancer researcher. Eva is also a known medical prodigy due to her vast medical knowledge and interest in the field.

While participating in her first TED talk, she spoke about her experiences in the medical field and what sparked her interest at a young age to pursue medical research full time. It was during a family trip to the Grand Canyon that Eva picked up a book called “The Hot Zone” that explained the outbreak of the Ebola Virus. It was the first time she was captivated by reading, as prior to this, books were not something that interested her. She fell in love with the book, and from that day forward knew she wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. Since then, it has been her passion.

Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Young Eva Vertes Cancer Research
After that trip to the Grand Canyon, she read every medical book that she could get her hands on. In high school, after sending many emails out, she was accepted to work in the lab of Dr. Jacob. It was in his lab that she studied the effects of heavy metals on the developing nervous system. She tested on fruit flies and found that heavy metals do in fact really impair the nervous system. From there, Eva no longer wanted to look at impairment, but the prevention of impairment. She became fascinated with Alzheimer’s disease, and started reading and researching Alzheimer’s to which extent would lead her on a life long research project.
“I was reading in the medical library one day, and I read this article about something called “purine derivatives.” And they seemed to have cell growth-promoting properties. And being naive about the whole field, I kind of thought, “Oh, you have cell death in Alzheimer’s which is causing the memory deficit, and then you have this compound — purine derivatives — that are promoting cell growth.” And so I thought, “Maybe if it can promote cell growth, it can inhibit cell death, too.” And so that’s the project that I pursued for that year, and it’s continuing now as well, and found that a specific purine derivative called “guanidine” had inhibited the cell growth by approximately 60 percent.”

Eva presented her findings at the International Science Fair at which she was awarded “Best in the World Medicine,” which allowed her an opening into the medical world. Now that she had been integrated into his world, she wanted to explore it all. During her studies in the medical field, she came across something called cancer stem cells.

She found that it seemed that tumors actually begin from a stem cell. She came to the conclusion that cancer seems to be a direct result to injury. When the body needs to repair an organ then it’s initiating cancer, it’s almost as if this is a repair response. Even though the body has initiated this ingenious response, it doesn’t necessarily have the means to control it. It hasn’t yet become fine-tuned enough to finish what has been initiated. Cancer, to Eva, is a cycle. We try to kill it with radiation and toxins trying to poison the cancer, but all this does is reveal the damage the body had previously tried to fix. Eva suggested that we should think about manipulation, rather than elimination. If somehow we can cause these cells to differentiate, to become bone tissue, lung tissue, liver tissue, whatever that cancer has been put there to do, it would be a repair process. The body would end up better than it was even before cancer.

It struck Eva that she’d never heard of any cancer in skeletal muscle in all of her reading and research she had done in the medical field. Eva asked why, the first thing she did was emailed some professors who specialized in skeletal muscle physiology, and pretty much said, “Hey, it seems like cancer doesn’t really go to skeletal muscle. Is there a reason for this?”

Eva got her answers and came up with some hypotheses that she would be starting to investigate that May at the Sylvester Cancer Institute in Miami.

Watch Eva’s spectacular TED talk, Meet the Future of Cancer Research, to learn more about Eva’s research and the conclusions that she came to regarding Alzheimer’s and cancer research.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Women Relaxing In Water At Sunset

Living a healthy life can be challenging. It requires dedication and sacrifice, and time that many people do not believe that they have. Nothing about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is quick or simple. However, it does not have to be difficult or complicated. If you really want to live a healthier, more sustainable life, chances are that you will need to say goodbye to your current way of living.

Do not let changing the way you live scare you. It does not have to be dramatic. Start small, but remember that you plan to go big. In order to achieve health & wellness goals, you will need to remain focused as well as stay committed. If you are determined to live a healthier life, but overwhelmed by taking on the task on your own, consider a detox holiday at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Surrounded by abundant nature and outstanding mountain and sea views, Santosa is an all-inclusive health & wellness retreat located on the tropical island of Phuket, in southern Thailand. Our programs are not only comprehensive, but they also produce results. If you are looking to lead a healthier life, Santosa can help. We offer a wide variety of detox programs, fitness classes, wellness programs as well as an on-site spa, sauna, ice bath, delicious vegan restaurant and so much more!

Santosa prides itself on ensuring that guests receive a personal touch. Our detox retreat is hands-on while our dedicated staff are always around to listen, give advice and remind you that you are doing the best thing that you could do for you, which is giving yourself a higher quality of life.

Exterior Jacuzzi Wellness Santosa Resort Phuket

Once you become serious about living a healthier life, start with the approach that the changes you make are going to be permanent and that you are setting yourself up for long-term, sustainable success. You will notice that the small changes you make to the way you are living will lead to bigger changes, and soon enough, your entire life will be different in a really good way.

By accepting that there are things that need to change in the way you currently live your life, you are acknowledging that you want to have a better quality of life. Whether is incorporating exercise, dropping a bad habit such as smoking, going to yoga class, trying mediation or overhauling your diet, it has been your choice. Once you realize that you truly have the ability to choose, you will feel amazing.

Commit to a healthier version of yourself. A stay at Santosa can set you on the right path and give you the support you need to reach your goals. Once you set this healthier lifestyle into motion, you will not only feel healthier but you will also feel happier and stronger. Appreciate yourself, appreciate your life and treat today like it is the first day of your life.

For more information on how Santosa can set you on the path to a healthier lifestyle, simply fill out the inquiry form below. We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa and watching the quality of your life flourish and grow.

Detoxing with Exercise: Tips and Benefits

Detoxing with Exercise: Tips and Benefits

Santosa Detox Wellness Center Phuket Women Doing Running Excercise

It is a well-known fact that exercise is an important part of staying healthy. While it is true that people who exercise frequently have less toxins in their bodies, exercise can still often be quite difficult during any detox program. However, it is important to stick to a routine in order to make the detox process easier.

During any detox program, the body’s major organs work very hard. It is common to experience dehydration, fatigue and mild to severe headaches. Although the body may be under greater physical stress, it is important to do restorative exercise such as gentle yoga or stretching or even take a short, brisk walk on the beach.

As we know, detox is simply the body’s way of ridding itself of excess toxins and waste. It is a great way to fine tune your organs and kickstart your health. With a detox, you will feel less sluggish and more energized.

Why exercise during a detox?

Exercise helps the body’s detoxification process. The increased movement stimulates the body. It helps to flush out the lungs as well as helps food pass through the gut quicker. When this happens, sweat glands are more open which also allows for perspiration to cleanse the skin

Exercising also promotes better circulation of the blood and lymph, a clear fluid that flows through our bodies which contains white blood cells, which allows organs of the body such as the liver and lymph nodes to cleanse bodily fluids. Exercise also enhances the function of the kidneys when you drink water. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink sufficient water before, during and after your exercise routine. Water helps detox the body more efficiently because the liquid helps kidneys to filter toxins more easily. Plus, as you exercise, if you are drinking water, you will sweat more.

Digestion is also vastly improved with exercise. It’s important to keep the digestive system healthy, as a healthy digestive system decreases indigestion, constipation and gas which makes for more regular bowel movements and easier removal of toxins in this manner.

    Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand YOGA&WELLNESS Active&Clean Trainer 500X500
    Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand YOGA&WELLNESS Active&Clean Gym 500X500

    Tips for exercising during a detox

    Are you ready to get moving? Honestly, that is all that you have to do. Make the commitment to exercise during your detox as it will help you focus and take your attention away from hunger pains or the craving for food. During a detox, you should aim to exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, however, if you feel that you can do some kind of physical activity for an hour, that is also wonderful.

    Make sure to do exercise that targets your body’s core during a detox because that is where the vital organs such as the colon, kidneys and liver are located. Exercise that stimulates the core, such as yoga or sit-ups, stimulates those organs and helps push waste through the small and large intestines more quickly.

    A quick recap of tips for exercising during a detox includes:

    • Stay hydrated by drinking sufficient amounts of water
    • Exercising at a steady pace – listen to your body and what it can and cannot do during a detox
    • Target the body’s core to help stimulate the vital organs and accelerate the detoxification process

    Exercising during a detox at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

    Santosa is a state-of-the-art detox retreat in tropical Phuket, Thailand. All of our detox programs are well-rounded and give clients the chance to exercise during their program. Our dedicated staff of holistic professionals and fitness trainers will work with each guest to ensure that they are getting the most out of their program. We are here to help you succeed, and with us at Santosa, you can truly Awaken Life’s Potential. For more information, simply fill out the enquiry form below.

    How Does Your Liver Function to Cleanse and Detox Naturally?

    How Does Your Liver Function to Cleanse and Detox Naturally?

    The liver is the body’s largest internal organ and one of its main tasks is to remove toxins from the body. The liver also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes prescription drugs and medication. It also separates out the useful nutrients in the body and secretes bile that ends up back in the intestines. The liver is also essential in activating and enforcing the regulation of important hormones.


    When it comes to cleansing and detoxing naturally, the liver plays an extremely important part in helping the body function correctly. To be quite honest, the liver is the go-to organ that ensures that your body is keeping well. The liver performs more than 400 different function in the body! Effectively, the liver sifts through everything that is in your body and uses what it can while getting rid of what it can’t use.


    The liver’s biggest function is to rid the body of toxins and it does this in two steps. The first step of detoxification uses enzymes and oxygen to burn toxins, in particular the fatty toxins to make them more water soluble ensuring that an easier transition through the body and also making them easier to eliminate. The second step of the detoxification process combines partially processed toxins with sulphur or amino acids so that the toxins can be removed through the excretion of bile or urine.


    Nutrition plays an important part in the detoxification process of the liver. It is important that the two-step detoxification process is in balance, and that there are enough nutrients in the body to ensure that the process works as it should. If the liver is not able to breakdown the body’s toxins as quickly as it should, those toxins will be recirculated in the blood until the liver has the nutrients it needs to properly handle them.


    There are simple ways to ensure that your liver is getting the nutrients it needs, and to be quite honest, these simple ways are small changes in your normal dietary pattern that lead to big results. The best things that you can do for your liver are to avoid alcohol, drink plenty of water, eat whole foods including healthy grains and plants, exercise and spend time in the sunshine as much as you can. Get plenty of rest, and although it goes without saying, please do not smoke.


    A healthy liver is vital, and it is essential to your life. Ensuring that you take good care of your liver is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, by following some of the simple steps outlined in this blog post, you can be assured that your liver will cleanse and detoxify itself naturally.


    Are you interested in learning more about programs that highlight natural cleansing and detox? If yes, simply fill out the enquiry form below and a member of staff will be in touch with as soon as possible.


    Here at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center, we strive to help ensure your body is working at its very best. We offer a wide variety of detox and cleanse programs as well as interesting activities and group talks to either kickstart your health or encourage your current health and wellness journey to remain on track.

    We look forward to welcoming you to our detox and wellness center in Phuket, Thailand.

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    8 Plants that can detox your home

    8 Plants that can detox your home

    Since the 1980’s it’s been scientifically proven that house plants are natural air purifiers.  Housing plant life not only brightens décor and mood, but effectively cleans and purifies the air we breathe from harmful toxins and pollutants.  No matter how clean and tidy you are, the home may still be full of contaminants.  In fact many of the products we use to KEEP our homes clean are the very causes of contamination.  There are several household cleaning products that leave chemical residues behind.  Anything with the label “keep out of the reach of children” is an automatic red flag.  However, your kids ingesting these products is not the only danger.  Inhaling and/or touching these detergents can still transfer dangerous chemicals into the body as well.   Children are at further risk as they are still growing and have an immune system that is more susceptible to infection.  Yet adults and pets can be at risk as well. Even if you are using all homemade organic products, your home itself may be releasing harmful toxins into the air you breathe!

    Where do these toxic fumes come from?

    Formaldehyde is one of the main culprits,it is an organic compound found in a multitude of household building materials and furniture.  It is a common component added to glues that hold pressed-wood, cabinets and carpets together, is emitted by natural gas stoves and is an active ingredient of flooring caulks and sealants, paint, furniture finish and upholstery stain repellants.

    Formaldehyde is only emitted in low levels but the accumulation of materials utilizing this compound can be quite dangerous.  In fact some governments have begun to regulate the amount of formaldehyde that can be legally used in insulation and particleboard furniture.  It is theorized that formaldehyde may cause cancer in humans and has been known to trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions when present in high levels.

    8 Plants that can detox your home

    Luckily, we can reduce our ingestion of theses harmful particles by investing in a few house plants.  Seems simple enough yet, which are the most effective?
    We have compiled a list of 8 effective air purifying plants that you can keep indoors.

    1. Areca Palm (Butterfly Palm)
    2. English Ivy
    3. Gerbera Daisy
    4. Snake Plant
    5. Spider Plant
    6. Aloe Vera
    7. Peace Lily
    8. Goosefoot plant