There’s a will, there’s a way – Case Study (Yoga Retreat)

There’s a will, there’s a way – Case Study (Yoga Retreat)

Santosa Detox Wellness Spa Phuket Yoga Retreat There Is A Will There Is A Way
Gender: F

Nationality: Singapore

Program: 5 days Yoga Retreat

Location: Santosa Detox & Wellness Center, Phuket, Thailand

Career: IT Sales

J is a lovely guest from Singapore.

She’s 41 years old and works in the highly stressful field of IT, but has been practicing yoga for two years.

Yoga is one of her passions and she became intensely devoted to the practice for health improvements.

So while already healthy, for J the goal of attending the Yoga Retreat was to deepen her existing yoga practice and gain more understanding of what yoga is all about, not just the yoga poses and asanas part of the practice.

What’s happened during the program?

One thing to note is that during the retreat, J was very determined and devoted.

She was extremely eager, and used this time to listen to her instructors which was definitely crucial to her success.

During her initial orientation, it was decided that J would focus on strengthening her existing practice, work on strengthening her upper body and learn tools on how to build up a better self-practice.

As the retreat includes yogi talks, J and her instructor decided together on two topics which were the Yamas and Niyamas and how we can incorporate these guidelines into our life in order to find balance, peace and harmony within.

Over the course of three lessons, J and her instructor ensured that she got the most from her retreat program.

Lesson 1 focused on getting to know J’s body, her weaker and stronger points, her likes and dislikes. Lesson 1 was a useful, general assessment of the student.

Lesson 2 focused on building up upper-body strength and sharing various tips, movements and poses that can help build up strength in that part of the body. Easy arm balancing postures have been workshopped and taught.

Lesson 3 focused on Yang and Yin in yoga class. Focused on strengthening the knees (the guest has reported experiencing pain in the knee joint doing some physical exercises), workshopped a few asanas, alignment techniques and movements to protect and strengthen the affected area. Then, the yin yoga asana was practiced and a body scan meditation was given.

J’s personal schedule was varied and allowed time for self-reflection and self-pampering.
Here is a reference to J’s schedule to better understand how her days were structured, and how your days might be structured if you choose to take a Yoga & SPA Retreat at Santosa.


The program was very successful for J, and she followed it well during her stay with us.

She is super active, dynamic and fluid, which made it really easy for her to join in any physical activity or classes at Santosa.

One takeaway J intended to focus on was the beauty of stillness and the quietness of the mind.

J gained a lot of confidence in the 5 days that she was with us and became much more aware of her posture and began the process of improving it. She incorporated many of the things she learned during her retreat into her practice.

During her stay, she joined all our morning meetings in which we offered plenty of healthy topics related to detox, diet, life style… She showed high interests in coming back for a Juice Fast Program.

We look forward to meeting J again in future.

Are you ready to transform your life through a wonderful Yoga Retreat?

For more information, simply fill out the inquiry form below and a member of staff will get back to you. We look forward to welcoming you to Santosa in the near future!

Unwind with a Yoga Retreat at Santosa

Unwind with a Yoga Retreat at Santosa

Santosa Detox Wellness Center Women Practices Yoga On The Beach

Why not take some time off this year and dedicate it solemnly to yourself; to your health, your body, mind and soul?

Dive into your journey of yoga today, immersing yourself into the silence of the surrounding jungle, whilst being luxuriously pampered with daily spa treatments at Santosa. 

Imagine waking up to the distant tropical bird’s singing. You take a deep breath in, the freshness of the nearby ocean hits your nostrils and instantly wakes you up. You start your day simply, on the mat. You breathe in the space, the you feel the “energy” and you feel immediately relaxed. See the Big Buddha smiling encouragingly at you from atop his mountain as you start your morning practice. 

Imagine moving with your breath as your body, mind and soul become one. Feel the breeze caressing your skin, feel yourself becoming like the wind, ready for it to sweep you away for a never-ending dance … conclude your morning in complete serenity, filled with peace and joy, and carry that feeling with you for the rest of your day.

Imagine enjoying a healthy breakfast gazing at the blue, bright sky that meets the deep blue on the horizon as well as sharing your morning with a like-minded group of people discussing the transition into a healthy lifestyle or deepening your knowledge thereof.

Envision moving through your day stress-free, with a permanent smile glued to your face, the sun warming you up. It is possible to experience this feeling of bliss today and take a well-balanced lifestyle back home with you. 

Here at Santosa, we endeavor to give our guests what they are looking for whether it be detoxification, wellness or fitness, or perhaps all three of these combined. The Yoga & SPA Retreat is personally designed for you with care and consideration. Your well-being and health matter to all of us at Santosa.

Why is this program unique?

Because it is all about YOU, your yoga journey and taking care of yourself.

Discover the various yoga styles taught at Santosa and find your own style with the private classes being offered every other day. These private classes are put together after a personal consultation to select an approach that will best suit you and your needs profoundly. 

The Yoga & SPA Retreat program is suitable for all levels and ages. It is also viable for all body types as yoga does not discriminate. 

Beginners will gain a better understanding of yoga with a focus on laying a concrete foundation to their practice and given the tools to incorporate yoga in their lives in an easy and stress-free way. Intermediate students will learn how to deepen their knowledge and practice and will be give the option to try more subtle yoga styles, such as Kundalini Yoga. Whilst advanced students will enjoy the varied classes and find the appropriate support to experience new challenges and develop their own unique practice even further.

Every day you will be given the opportunity to pamper yourself with a spa treatment that will calm your senses, nerves and body. Go crazy and pick a different treatment for yourself every day, our menu is full of lush options that will increase your level of well-being or play it safe and stick to one that you love most. Our talented and professional Spa team are eager to please your senses. 

We know that the way to your heart is through the stomach and during your stay, you will be able to discover the fine dining we offer at our outstanding vegan restaurant. At Santosa, we truly believe that “you are what you eat” so whilst staying with us you will have the opportunity to taste distinguished dishes which not only taste amazing, but are also 100% healthy. These delicious, healthy meals will leave you feeling fully energized as they are fresh, tasty and a wonderful compliment to all of the work you have been doing on your healthy journey at the center. 

The Yoga & SPA Retreat program is not only focused on the physical part of the practice, but it also gives one a chance to discover the theory of yoga and yogic philosophy. We will share knowledge on various topics, which you will have chosen yourself prior to your arrival. We’ll actively meditate together and get our breaths going during pranayama practice and learn how to access the place within ourselves where we are just happy and with a clear mind and balanced.

This state of perpetual harmony between the body, mind and soul is within reach. Make the right choice for your health today and come to experience Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

1 Day Wellness and Spa on Phuket

1 Day Wellness and Spa on Phuket

The Santosa Detox & Wellness Center 1 Day Relax Package includes:

1 x Healthy Vegan Lunch ( 1 main course + 1 Dessert)
1 x Fresh made Juice or Smoothie
1 x Traditional or Signature Massage
1 x Herbal Sauna with Ice bath
1 x Santosa Class of the Day (Yoga, Fitness Class,…)

for only 1800 THB per person!

To book your 1 Day Relax Package just fill out the form below or call us at 076-330-600 or Message us on Facebook!

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Hot Stone Massage in Phuket

Hot Stone Massage in Phuket

A natural therapy in which heated stones are applied to the body, Hot Stone Massage is a form of therapeutic body work that promotes profound relaxation and a sense of peace. It is one of the signature treatments at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.


How does Hot Stone Massage work?Hot-Stone-Massage-Kelowna

In preparation for a Hot Stone Massage, smooth, round stones are heated to a luxurious warmth and used in the palm of the hands to massage the body. The stones can either be oiled or heated in sanitized water, but the effects of the treatment are the same.


The heat from the stones penetrates deeply while promoting overall increased detoxification, utter relaxation, relief of muscle tension, stress and fatigue. The advantages of this treatment are both physical and psychological.


Benefits of Hot Stone Massage 

Not only is it profoundly relaxing, but Hot Stone Massage is also a deeply detoxifying treatment. The combination of the massage and the hot stones stimulates and relaxes the circulatory system. Increased circulatory activity aids in the release of toxins from the muscles which promotes the body to self-heal.


As tense muscles are healed during the Hot Stone Massage, pain and muscle spasms dissipate encouraging a sense of peacefulness which washes away stress, eases anxiety disorders and can possibly help mend depression. The total body relaxation brought about by Hot Stone Massage sets the stage for rejuvenating the body, the mind and the spirit.

 Acts of Kindness

What does the treatment consist of?

The therapy room is set up to promote relaxation and a sense of peace. The room itself is generally quiet with soft music playing in the background. The stones are heated to approximately 34 degrees celsius, and are placed on the treatment table in alignment with both sides of the spine and then covered with a soft towel.


The Hot Stone Massage begins by lying back onto the warm stones, then hot stones are strategically placed over the heart, on the abdomen and under the neck. With the body being penetrated by heat both above and below, the Hot Stone Massage begins.


Throughout the entirety of the Hot Stone Massage, each of the body’s limbs are massaged and the stones are used by the therapist to apply additional pressure and heat. Warm stones will be cupped in the therapist’s palms to increase the sense of penetrating heat until the session finishes.


Are there mental benefits?

Hot Stone Massage promotes mental wellness. The utter sense of relaxation that is felt during the treatment eases mental stress and tension. It is not uncommon to fall asleep or enter a deep meditative state during Hot Stone Massage. Most people find this a common response to receiving this type of healing session, especially those who do not get enough rest as the act of lying down encourages relaxation.


Getting Heated

Hot Stone Massage is available in Phuket. It is one of the signature treatments offered in the spa at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. If you are interested in learning more about this type of thermotherapy, simply fill out the inquiry form below. A well-advised member of our staff will be in touch with more information. We look forward to welcoming you for your ninety minute session at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.

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Cupping in Phuket: Why Everyone Should Try it

Cupping in Phuket: Why Everyone Should Try it

Cupping is an ancient Chinese therapy that functions the opposite of massage. Instead of applying pressure to muscles, the cupping suction uses pressure to pull skin, tissue and muscles upward. The techniques of cupping have changed over the years, however, the original philosophy of this ancient treatment has remained the same.

Cupping on Phuket

The art of cupping

Cupping entails placing glass, bamboo or plastic jars on the skin, which in turn creates a vacuum by suctioning out all of the air. The underlying tissues is “sucked” partway into the cup. Cupping has many benefits including enhancing circulation, helping to relieve various pain, removes heat and pulls out the wide array of toxins that linger in the body’s skin tissues. During the cupping treatment, a tight sensation in the area where the cup is placed is usually felt. The tight sensation in fact does not hurt, but feels both soothing and relaxing.


Depending upon the practitioner’s assessment of the problem, cups may be moved around to various body parts or left in just one place. A popular area of the body to be cupped is the back, however the cupping treatment works well on other fleshy sections of the body.



Cupping will cause the skin to temporarily bruise, turning red, blue or purple. This temporary bruising occurs especially if there is an injury or blockage under the area of the body that was cupped. Despite the fact that it may not look very pleasant, the temporary bruising is rarely painful. It may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but once the marks have cleared the cupping treatment can be repeated until the condition or ailment is finally taken care of.


Cupping provides relief for a variety of health conditions 

Firm supporters of cupping therapy believe that the suction of the cups mobilizes blood flow to promote the healing of a broad range of health conditions. If you suffer from ailments such as stress, allergies, pain, fatigue, flu and colds, back pain, muscle aches, anxiety, fever or red itchy skin conditions cupping can totally benefit you.

Cupping on Phuket

The continued benefits of cupping are numerous. It releases toxins from the body, while stimulating the flow of fresh blood throughout the body. Cupping reduces pain and inflammation throughout the body, and is well-known for promoting mental and physical relaxation and well-being.


Cupping has also been shown to have cosmetic benefits as the treatment can aid in weight loss and help remove cellulite from fleshy parts of the body.


Who qualifies for cupping therapy? 

Cupping is non-invasive, however, it is not recommended for pregnant or menstruating women. If you suffer from bone fractures or muscle spasms, you should not have the treatment. Cupping is not advised for cancer patients, those who bleed easily or tend to have high fevers and convulsions.


Cupping in Phuket: Chinese cupping therapy in Phuket

If you are interested in learning more about cupping therapy or having a treatment done, look no further than the spa at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center. Cupping Therapy is one of our signature treatments, lasts for an hour and is a very affordable 1,200 THB per session. For more information about Cupping in Phuket, please call +66 (0) 76 330 600 or simply fill out the enquiry form below.

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