The Importance of Superfoods

The Importance of Superfoods

Santosa Detox Wellness Center 10 New Super Foods To Eat Right Now

Are you looking to improve your health? One of the best ways to start is by changing your diet. Many of us are familiar with the phrase, “you are what you eat.” Therefore, it is important to cut back on, or even cut out, processed foods, carbs, excess sugar and fast food from our diets. We should replace these items with more fresh vegetables and fruit, healthy grains and superfoods.

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are nutrient rich foods able to improve health and one’s overall well-being. Superfoods have disease fighting properties and are known to strengthen the immune system and reduce certain types of chronic diseases and cancer. Basically, superfoods contribute to a person being healthier.

Some of the healthiest foods you are already eat are superfoods. For example, leafy greens and juicy fruits, such as blueberries and cranberries, are all antioxidant rich superfoods. Healthy grains such as quinoa are also considered a superfood.

Why are superfoods important?

Superfoods are an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. Full of everything that is good for you, superfoods are dense in vitamins, protein, fiber and many of the other nutrients that our bodies need to help fight off disease and feel energized.

How can I add superfoods to my diet?

If you are eager to become a bit more healthy and are interested in adding superfoods to your diet, rest assured that it is quite a simple thing to do. Here are some superfoods that you can easily add into your daily meals:

  • Walnuts – rich in Omega-3’s, walnuts are great for brain function and are great in salad, yogurt or just as a plain snack
  • Kale – full of iron and good for blood health, kale is a great addition to a salad or perfect in a healthy green smoothie
  • Berries – well known for their antioxidant properties, berries are nature’s candy and rich in vitamins and fiber; berries are perfect as a snack or added to salads, oatmeal or yogurt

Make an effort to eat or cook with superfoods when you can. You are bound to notice a difference once you start incorporating these delicious, healthy foods into your diet.

Superfoods at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Here at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center in tropical Phuket, Thailand, we pride ourselves on healthy living. Our detox retreat is perfect for a health & wellness holiday, and while you stay with us, we are pleased to introduce healthy eating habits to you.

We utilize a wide variety of superfoods in our smoothies and juices here at Santosa, and our chefs do their best to incorporate superfoods into the outstandingly creative raw food and vegan dishes served at Santosa Vegan Restaurant. You’ll be blown away at just how delicious healthy eating can be here at our five star detox holiday retreat in Phuket.

Interested in learning more? Simply fill out the enquiry form below and a dedicated member of staff will be in touch. We can’t wait to introduce you to some of our favorite superfoods and help you on your health & wellness journey!

Full Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Fullfast 600X600

Full fast is a full cleanse program specially designed to enable maximum results. You will have no food / no juice but only drink water with cleanses drinks and nutrition supplements. Participants of this program will be subjected to the most powerful, yet natural, body detoxification processes. This program is suitable for those who have detoxification experience and are determined to go deeper for cleanse. A thorough pre-cleanse is also important for the full fast.

Juice Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Juicefast 600X600

Juice fast is a cleanse program to nourish and detoxify the body by drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the correct vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Guests participating in the Juice Fast Program have higher energy levels allowing them to take advantage of the various activities available at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Raw Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Rawfast 600X600

Raw food fast brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies. This program is recommended for guests looking for a long lasting and sustainable post program experience. With a balanced and nutritionally delicious set raw food menu in addition to the regular fasting supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular cleansing sessions, this program is designed to optimize the detoxification process in every way. A raw food diet has shown to increase energy levels, which is great for taking part in many of Santosa’s activities.

The Health Benefits of Coconuts

The Health Benefits of Coconuts

Recently, coconuts have been christened as the new miracle food. Learn about the Benefits of Coconuts: It is no surprise, to be honest, as coconuts are extremely nutritious, rich in fiber and packed with essential vitamins and minerals. Coconuts can be found in everything from culinary creations to ‘magic’ beauty potions these days. There is no doubt that many find coconuts tantalizing, and for good reason, as coconuts can be used as both food and medicine.

Coconuts boast many heath benefits and some of the most notable include the fact that coconuts support immune system health. Coconuts are anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasite. Coconuts also improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Coconuts are also full of electrolytes, and provide a natural source of quick energy plus they have been known to help enhance physical and athletic performance.


Coconuts are also well-known for promoting good cholesterol which is great for heart health. They also boost thyroid function and help to stabilize metabolism. It has also been proven that coconuts can improve insulin secretion and symptoms associated with diabetes, as well as providing relief to bladder infections.


More important health benefits of coconuts come from using the coconut by-product of coconut oil. Coconut oil is fantastic and it helps keep hair and skin healthy and youthful looking. It also helps to prevent wrinkles and age spots as well as provides sun protection.


When it comes to buying coconuts, fresh coconuts can be either young or mature. Young coconuts are typically found in Asia, and although we have both varieties here in Phuket, it is the young coconut that is the more health enhancing of the two as it contains more water and soft, gel-like meat. Mature coconuts have firm meat and less water.


As mentioned earlier in this article, coconut water is full of electrolytes. If you are not aware, electrolytes are responsible for keeping the body hydrated so that nerves and muscles can function normally. It really is more beneficial to drink coconut water from a young coconut after an intense workout rather than sugary sport drinks we often see advertised on television.


All of us at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center consider ourselves lucky that there is an abundance of fresh coconuts here on the island of Phuket, where we are located. We have an ample supply of coconuts on offer for our guests to enjoy after their fitness classes, yoga classes, spa treatments and during their detox programs.


If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of coconuts, or exploring a detox at our center located high in the hills of Kata overlooking the spectacular Kata Beach, simply fill out the enquiry form below and a dedicated member of staff will get back to you. We look forward to speaking to you about our health journey over a fresh young coconut!

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Spectacular Superfood Spirulina

Spectacular Superfood Spirulina

When it comes to superfoods, it is quite possible that the superfood spirulina is one of the best. Not only is it incredibly good for you, but spirulina is also loaded with nutrients that can have powerful effects on both the body and brain.


What exactly is spirulina? Spirulina is a cyanobacterium. Essentially, spirulina is an organism that grows in both fresh and salt water. It is a blue-green algae that can be consumed by humans and other animals. Spirulina is often used as a dietary supplement and a whole food and is available in tablet, flake and powder form.

Spirulina is extremely high in nutrients including protein, copper, iron, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B3. It also contains traces of magnesium, manganese and potassium as well as small amounts of almost every other nutrient that our body needs. Spirulina truly is a spectacular superfood and perhaps the single most nutrient-dense food on the face of the earth. Isn’t that both unbelievable and absolutely fantastic?

The main active compound found in spirulina is called phycocyanin. It is an antioxidant substanceSpirulina that also gives spirulina its blue-green color. More importantly, phycocyanin has the ability to fight free radicals in the body. This means that it has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can protect our DNA and cells.

Spirulina is also good for our hearts, which is great news considering Heart Disease is currently the world’s biggest killer making it a problem for everyone. However, it has been proven that taking spirulina can lower the bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increase HDL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol. This is wonderful news for our heart health.

Other benefits of spirulina include the fact that it has anti-cancer properties and is exceptionally effective in protective oral health and fighting oral cancer, studies have shown that high doses of spirulina lower blood pressure and spirulina can also improve symptoms of inflammation in the nasal airways caused by environmental allergens such as pollen and animal hair.

The bottom line is that spirulina is one of the most amazing superfoods known to mankind and to be frank, it is probably the best plant-based organism that we can consume on a daily basis. What are you waiting for?

Spectacular Superfood Spirulina in Phuket

Are you interested in learning more about the spectacular superfood spirulina? Why don’t you stop by our vegan restaurant and give it a try? The restaurant at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center serves modern vegan food and raw food in a tropical setting that boast spectacular sea views over Kata Beach. While dining with us, we recommend you try our delicious vegan soup Yogic, which is a nutritious cucumber and basil gazpacho with ginger and garlic that contains the superfood Spirulina. Restaurant reservations can be made by filling in the simple enquiry form below.

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Spectacular Superfood Spirulina

Superfood Spirulina

It is green, it is good for you and it boasts a fair share of health promoting properties. Coined as a superfood, Spirulina is a natural algae that is rich in Chlorophyll, and much like verdant plants, gets its energy from the sun.


Spirulina is a 100% natural algae powder. The powder is incredibly high in protein and also a fantastic source of B-vitamins and antioxidants. Spirulina is harvested from non-contaminated bodies of water, and is a very potent nutrient source. Often recommended for vegetarians due to its high iron content, Spirulina is purely made up of essential acids and protein.


Grown around the world in freshwater, from Africa to Hawaii to other exotic locations such as Mexico, Spirulina is the blue-green algae with intense flavour that can often be found in green superfood beverages, energy bars and a variety of natural supplements. Spirulina is also high in calcium, and laboratory research suggests it can be good for those who suffer from pesky allergies and often have allergic reactions.


The best Spirulina is definitely an organic variety, and when used in powder form, it is best to take in at least two teaspoons daily. When you are sick, it is best to take in at least two tablespoons! Some who take Spirulina say that it tastes like pond water, and other say it just tastes horrible. If the powder form of Spirulina is too potent for you, there are high quality Spirulina capsules available.


Spirulina offers up some superb health benefits for those who regularly consume it. Spirulina is well-known for detoxing the body of heavy metals, and also helping to eliminate candida and improper digestion. Spirulina also helps to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, decrease sinus inflammation and issues, speed up weight loss and lower the chance of stroke. Another positive benefit of Spirulina is that it boosts energy.


A few more interesting facts about Spirulina include the fact that it is made up of 65% protein and amino acids, including essential fatty acids, which means that Spirulina works well as an anti-inflammatory when taken with other Omega-3 supplements. As previously mentioned, Spirulina is rich in Chlorophyll, which helps in removing toxins from the blood and boosts the immune system. Due to its high concentration of iron, Spirulina is excellent to take during pregnancy and works wonders for those who suffer from anemia.


Are you interested in sampling Spirulina or exploring a diet that embraces a wide variety of superfoods? If your answer is yes, please fill out the enquiry form below. A dedicated member of our detox and wellness center staff will get in contact with you to answer your questions and offer sage advice to lead you into a journey of a healthier lifestyle. Located near Kata Beach on the tropical island of Phuket, Santosa Detox and Wellness Center is the premiere location for health and wellness in southern Thailand.

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Wheatgrass – Best Cleanse Drink

Wheatgrass – Best Cleanse Drink

Extraction Of Wheatgrass Juice Kitchen

If you have been doing your research in the health field, you probably would have heard a great deal about the potent benefits of wheatgrass. There’s no denying this live detox drink is the ultimate blood and liver cleanser. If you are still learning about some of its benefits, it’s safe to say when you know everything it can do for you, you won’t be able to resist a daily shot.

The taste itself can take a bit of getting used to, but once you have gotten over the initial ‘kick’, there’s a refreshing buzz wheatgrass shots can bring you.

A quick breakdown of its healing potential originates from its high levels of:

  • Phytonutrients
  • Minerals
  • Antioxidants
  • Enzymes
  • Vitamins

So readers, it’s time to swap the daily cup of coffee for a shot of something greener. If you are looking for that one thing you cannot start your day without, try getting into the wheatgrass routine and see how good you feel in a month. Several of our clients who have been taking it daily have noticed significant improvements in their physical health and outward appearance. So, the proof really is in the pudding.

If you still need a bit of convincing as to why you need to jump on the wheatgrass-wagon, here’s just a few of the potential benefits it can bring you:

  • Powerful neutralizing effects: due to its high level of enzymes, your body can strengthen its defence mechanism against harmful carcinogens. Any pollutants and metals in the body are washed away so the tissues and organs can return to a state of homeostasis.
  • Get an injection of pure energy: you can ditch the espressos! Get that natural kick you’ve been searching for with a fresh dose of living food and bio-electricity. There’s a heap of natural energy which gets absorbed by your body when drinking fresh wheatgrass. Your DNA benefits by keeping its structure longer and cellular breakdown is prevented. This means the damaging effects of aging are postponed with the renewing force of wheatgrass.
  • The stats speak for themselves: looking at the nutritional values of the juice it’s clear to see why it’s such a powerful detoxifier. An ounce of wheatgrass includes 8 grams of fibre, 12% of the RDA of calcium, 120 calories, 240% of the RDA of vitamin A and 8 grams of protein. As you can see, a little goes a long way with wheatgrass.

Here’s just some of the healing benefits a shot every day can bring you. The longer you do it, the more great things you will feel and see happening to your body. We are interested in hearing about your experience with wheatgrass! Leave us a comment to tell us more.


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