Why you should try the Ayurveda Diet

Why you should try the Ayurveda Diet

Reaching goals and finding balance

The ultimate goal of Ayurveda is reaching a balance between the three doshas. This goal of reaching a balance perfectly fits with the Santosa Wellness Center concept as balance between the body and mind is the final goal of every wellness-based experience.

Here at Santosa Wellness Center, we offer a wide variety of different programs and activities for people to join. Whether you need to reactive your body, find quiet and calm in your mind, or work on ridding yourself of old habits, the end goal is ultimately the same: balance. However, the ways you achieve balance will be different as each person is unique.

Learning to balance doshas

We are what we eat. Upon following the Ayurveda Diet, for example, if your dosha is Kapha it is possible that you will not find balance in eating Kapha dishes, and instead must combine foods from the other doshas to reduce Kapha.

Ayurveda Diet is considered a lifestyle diet. This way of eating is about focusing on the energies of the ingredients and becoming aware of how these energies compliment our bodies. An Ayurvedic Diet is not a short term or fad diet, but it will prodce solid results in just a short period of time. After making this lifestyle change, within a few months you will notice solid results.

Throughout our lives, balance is very important, however, on some occasions we find ourselves being pulled in other directions.

For example, a creative person who is in the midst of a project and perhaps is not sleeping well at night needs to increase Vata dishes so that they don’t fall ill. A passionate football player who is preparing to play an important match may not be looking for balance, but in order to stay on top of his game needs to increase Pitta to maintain balance with his high energy levels.

If you are considering the Ayurveda Diet on a daily basis, there are ways to eat to satisfy short term needs, keeping the ultimate goal of balance in mind for the future.

And if a person is already in balance?

At Santosa Vegan Restaurant, on of our most delicious dishes is called Merit. Merit is a scrumptious dessert of chocolate fudge, vanilla ice cream and nuts. The dish contains cocoa, which in Ayurveda Diet is considered a balanced ingredient as it increases all three doshas of Pitta, Kapha and Vata.

Your balanced diet will be maintained all while enjoying a great dessert!

Finding balance is humbling and interesting, eating healthy can truly be delicious and taking care of yourself can be one of life’s finest pleasures.

We welcome you to come and try our Ayurvedic Diet menu at Santosa Wellness Center. Be good to yourself.

Santosa Vegan Restaurant

Our restaurant serves modern raw and vegan food, including a wide selection of Ayurveda Diet dishes. We can also help you with the dosha quiz so you can figure out our dosha and the best meal plan for you.

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