Santosa’s Guide on Finding Your Unique Yoga Style

Santosa’s Guide on Finding Your Unique Yoga Style

Yoga is a beautiful spiritual practice in any form, and the variety on offer is almost overwhelming for anybody new to the ancient art of finding our inner balance. All forms have one thing in common, a focus on the breath and the ability to manoeuvre the body into stretching out the spinal ligaments and other muscles in order to create ‘oneness’ between mind, body and spirit. To find out which style suits you best, refer to our simple guide below:


Hatha yoga is the basis of all yoga disciplines. Sitting at the top of the yoga tree, is considered a generic term to describe all forms of yoga that teach physical postures. A Hatha class is a wonderful introduction into basic yoga practice, and you will leave the class feeling stretched, supple and sublime.


Pattabhi Jois was responsible for bringing Ashtanga to the west in the 1970’s. Based on ancient teachings, the vigorous practice follows a set series of postures, in the same order. These postures link movement into breath. Ashtanga is considered a dynamic practice, that will get your heart rate going!


A firm favorite of models and celebrities, Bikram Choudhury invented this form of yoga around 35 years ago. The practice is performed in an artificially heated room, where a series of 26 poses are performed twice. It is a widely popular practice; however it is not popular amongst yogis! Proponents report detoxification benefits, a bikram ‘high’ after class, and an incredible amount of weight loss. Opponents complain of hyperextension in the heat and the trademarked series, which makes it impossible to teach this style of yoga in any other way. 


B.K.S. Iyengar created this very meticulous style of yoga, with a firm focus on alignment. A wide variety of yoga props are used during this practice, such as blocks, straps and bolsters to help create perfect form.  Because the poses are held for longer periods of time, a strong mental and physical workout can be felt in an Iyengar class.

Kundalini Yoga

The white turban-wearing visionary Yogi Bhajan bought Kundalini to the West in 1969. With a focus on breathing and chanting—rather than movement. It unleashes the Kundalini energy found at the base of the spine. Controlled breathing is used to facilitate this release, and makes this class different from many of the other modalities. It is the perfect class to try if you want to unleash your inner yogi spirit!

Aerial Yoga

The fluid, gravity-defying twist on yoga shows how we can learn to fly whilst relieving compressed joints and re-aligning the body. The practice uses graceful, trapeze-like movements which sometimes seem like acrobatics. A wonderful way to do inversion poses, aerial yoga really is an innovative fitness trend, and we are so proud to be the only center in Phuket offering suspended movement in every direction along with stimulation of the organs, muscles and bones.  Flying creates liberty, weightlessness, and a power that is hard to replicate, aerial yoga gives us a passage into the art of achieving the impossible.

At Santosa, our detox guests are treated to a wonderful view of the big Buddha under Phuket’s sunny skies. And what better way to find a retreat from the rigours of modern day life than on a mat on our lovely pavilion, under the guidance of Phuket’s most talented yogis.

We have a mixture of Yin (hips), Kundalini meditation, Hatha yoga and of course the latest craze, aerial! Discover the beauty of your essence by making a booking today.

Yoga & Detox – Why is the ancient art such an intrinsic part of a cleansing program?

Yoga & Detox – Why is the ancient art such an intrinsic part of a cleansing program?

The mental and emotional benefits of yoga are akin to moving meditation, and the beneficial impact on our spirit is palpable. When we detox, we cleanse all facets of our being – body, mind and spirit. Yoga is another cleansing practice, bringing our focus back onto the breath and flowing movement that creates a new world of awareness each time that we step onto the mat.

The Bond between Yoga and Detox

When undertaking a physical cleanse, it is important to not only keep the body moving in order to accelerate the elimination process through our organs, but also to bring intense focus and concentration onto ourselves whilst encouraging and promoting mindfulness and reflection. 

The journey of self-discovery through the physical postures in a yoga series create internal awareness, and through this sensation a mental connection to the body is formed. 

When we become mentally aware, we activate our consciousness and then the relationship with our essence is created, where energy can be shifted with ease and grace.

It can take a long time for such a relationship with all facets of our being to be formed. However, when detoxing, the intrinsic connection is so much more pronounced that when practicing yoga, more spiritually profound and meaningful experiences are able to exist. Self discovery and consciousness is what yoga is all about, so the marriage between detoxing and yoga is a very happy one.

When we physically detox, we mentally and emotionally clear out a huge amount of debris. Yoga is hugely beneficial in this spiritual purge, particularly in poses specifically aimed at the hips, where much emotion and negativity is stored. 

A hips series can really shift years of pent up emotion, and during the detox process at Santosa in Phuket, we highly recommend this class for its cathartic impact and emotional support. 

The feelings of mental and physical lightness that abound when we are able to emotionally let go are incomparable. To get in touch with yourself, and discover the wonderful connection between each facet of our being, detoxing with yoga is something that we highly recommend at Santosa Detox Center.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can rediscover yourself through detox and yoga, and come closer to true equilibrium.  

Yoga for Hips

Yoga for Hips

Our hips store a great deal of emotion – tightness can indicate a plethora of feelings that we have attached to certain events in our lives, and stretching out this tenuous area often results in feelings of letting go and emotional lightness. Yoga is the perfect synergy between mind, body and spirit, that allows us to do this.

Hips need to be kept happy! Not only for the emotional benefit, but also for the fact that they are linked to the health of hamstring and lower back. When our hips are tight, often we find we develop issues in these areas too. 

Yoga for Hips Inspiration

How Kim White embarked on her yogic journey is an inspiring story which demonstrates that yoga can really change the course of our lives. At three years of age, faced with the prospect of having to wear leg braces to enable her to walk, Kim’s forward thinking mother introduced her daughter to the practice of yoga. At fourteen, Kim taught her first yoga class in Australia. After many years of practical training, Kim’s path brought her to Thailand, where her spiritual journey began and where she met two very influential teachers. 

One teacher showed her the deeper practice of asanas, pranayama, and the philosophical and practical basis of the Patanjali. Whilst the other, a master of the Eastern Arts, who has become her kalyanamitta, shared with her the Buddha Dhamma , Chi Gong and the hermetic sciences (a western metaphysical tradition). 

Ajahn Kim White’s training was conducted in traditional ways, a live-in situation with master and student which spanned for over 3 years. She has a complete dedication to her chosen art, and an ability to teach without pretention, making it both fun and therapeutic. At Santosa we consider her to be a very unique and talented yogi, and when we decided to open the hip yoga class in Phuket, there was no doubt that she was our first choice to lead this innovative practice. 

So, to keep your hips in tip-top shape, Phuket’s favourite yogi is coming to the rescue! Kim White, is THE guru when it comes to muscular-skeletal yoga knowledge. Join us every Thursday at 5pm to experience a feeling of body fluidity and emotional lightness like never before.

In order to book a session of Yoga for Hips with Kim please contact us here or on Facebook.


Olivia and Bliss Yoga

Olivia and Bliss Yoga

What is bliss yoga? First let us understand the meaning of “bliss”.


To reach a state of perfect happiness, typically so as to be oblivious of everything else.”

About Olivia & Bliss Yoga

Olivia is effervescent with positivity and love, and this is reflected when practicing the ancient art with her. It explains why bliss yoga is such a popular class at Santosa… who wouldn’t want to leave a class, feeling like Buddha, tilting your head back and laughing at the sky, with the added bonus of flexibility, a clear mind and supple, sinewy muscles. 

Olivia practices what she preaches, and at Santosa Center we are blessed to have a living example of the benefits of raw food, yoga and meditation walking among us. 

Come and try her classes, which feature on our September schedule, and find out how you too can add a little sparkle into life and rediscover the magic of your body, mind and spirit connection through yoga.

Olivia’s practice is based on Hatha, and her focus is on evoking feelings of peace and serenity amongst her students. She is wonderful at working with clients of all levels, progressing and regressing the poses to make sure that everyone attains the most from their practice. 

Why does this class evoke such a state of bliss? In Olivia’s words… “When I practice yoga, I can feel good in my own skin, I can hold a position and feel that it is right from the nice energy I get in that moment, when my body, mind and soul are together and are “hugging” each other in that precise moment. What I learn is to be more aware of my own body, of how I move it in the space around me, I am aware of the harmony I can create with it, even a small finger is important to complete the beauty of a posture. With the body we all can become humans sacred symbols, moving the energy like a mantra , like a prayer and we can be beautiful to look at, like a work of art. I can learn to be aware in that moment and leave all the rest out, which is a great way to relax the mind.”

To book a spot for bliss yoga with Olivia at Santosa Wellness Center, contact us here or on Facebook.