Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Detox, Fitness, Yoga, Colon Cleansing, Health & Wellness Retreat in Phuket, Thailand!
Santosa Detox & Wellness Center
Santosa Vegan Restaurant
Kata, Phuket, Thailand
3 Soi Plak Che2, Patak Road
Karon, Amphoe Muang
Phuket, Thailand, 83130

Santosa Wellness Center Reviews

  • Great place to relax n detox

    We had a great 3 day detox experience at the Santosa including the interesting classes (raw food cooking, yoga hips and kickboxing highly recommended), delicious raw food (summer rolls) and relaxing massages (deep tissue massage is our favorite). The colema room and steam sauna were also excellent. We also got some useful health tips on the usage of vinegar and Himalayan salt among other things. Look forward to chef Suzanna’s recipe once it is available.

    P.S. The resort provides regular free shuttle to Kata beach – it’s worth a visit.

    - eddypx Singapore, Singapore

  • life transforming experience awaits

    If you are a yogie, spiritual seeker, light worker, or anyone who is interested in having a healthy life style and seeking for a change- this is the right place for you to start. I have come to the fasting retreat myself from HK for 5 days with juice fasting. I have benefited tremedeously through my trip with amazing, heart-felt staffs and program itself. I had become much healthier, lighter, and cleaner after the detox. My skins and spiritis are much better/ cleaner after this experience. I met amazing people including friendly staffs and the owner. The food here is also just great, even for a vegetarian myself. I cannot wait to go back again! You will never feel bored here with all the programs they designed for you to keep you busy! I highly recommend this place to everyone who enjoys a more discreet, private yet sprititual detox experience in Thailand 😉

    - April T

  • 5d/4n active cleanse detox

    I’ve expected the program to do wonder on my body as it was a short one, but it did! I have reduced 20cm in body measurement and 2kg in weight. The most important part is that the program has been flawlessly and passionately executed. It’s strenuous for me for the many of the activities though there were more sedantary ones like osho meditation. Teachers were attentive to the different levels and physical condition of the participants.

    And i must mention that the massage therapies were as delectable as the food items in offer. The holistic approach reminds me the need and safe way to handle my body periodically.

    Somehow i didn’t know that it will take days for the headache and other detox symptoms to fade. It will be even better if i’m more informed beforehand, and factor in some time to ease off after the program

    - watakeet Hong Kong, China

  • Positive Experience – Outstanding Colonic Arrangements

    I went for just 4 days to bump start a week long detox I could carry on on my own. It was perfect as the arrangements were so flexible. Atmosphere relaxed, a range of fasts available, personal guidance, various classes, great massages, nice library, and really outstanding colonic arrangements. I’ve never relished the colonics however came away having had such a positive experience it completely changed my outlook. It was spotlessly clean, gentle, discreet, professional and effective. Will definitely return. Ate in the Restaurant on the first night and had really super raw food and learnt some useful ideas for healthy eating. Gratitude to the team.

    Room Tip: Sea view rooms were nice with lovely view in the evening of sunsets.
    - Sesame55 London

  • I could live there.

    After a week of raw vegan food, massages, facials and exercise, I feel so refreshed. The staff are unbelievably helpful and beautiful. The centre is lovely, peaceful and relaxing with a very friendly atmosphere. I did the cooking classes and now I am trying to apply these new skills to my everyday life. Thank you everyone at Santosa. I will be back.

    - Diane C Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

  • Great detox, great staff, great place!

    My partner and I stayed at Santosa for 7 nights in November as I was keen to have a healthy holiday and try detoxing for the first time. I did a full fast for 7 days, my partner was initially apprehensive but he eventually joined for a juice fast for 4 days and also thoroughly enjoyed it. We had a great time – there is a really nice relaxed atmosphere, every one the staff are extremely friendly, helpful and accommodating, the food (I am told by my partner as I was not eating :-)) in the restaurant is excellent (many raw vegan and veggie options and a great view). There is a variety of great classes to attend, really enjoyed the daily yoga and pilates first thing in the morning.

    If you are looking for a detox in Thailand I think this is an excellent option. I did a fair bit of research before and prices vary wildly, this one is great value. Everything is personalised and very well organised, they explain everything fully and are very encouraging but are also flexible with the schedule so you can still get out and have a look around phuket – you can hire a scooter from the accommodation office which is very convenient, the accommodation is great, spacious, modern and is kept spotlessly clean by the cleaning staff.

    I was a bit concerned about the self administered colemas as I’ve never done one before but they are actually fine and very easy, you have your own room (which only you use) for the duration of the stay and as with the rest of the centre, they are kept very clean.

    We had an excellent time and would highly recommend Santosa, we lost a few kilos, learned some helpful tips, did some fun classes, had lots of nice massages and left feeling refreshed! Thanks to all the staff for all your hard work…hope to see you again next year 🙂

    - meganjames82

  • great hospitality

    Detox program was quite comprehensive, rooms are clean, staff are very friendly and exercise programs are there for us especially for detox clients almost one to one coaching catered to our needs. Though during detox we can enjoy the vegan restaurant and also quite a challenge to attend the cooking class due temptations but on the first and last day we got to enjoy the fabulous raw vegan food. Be brave to attend the cooking lessons they are very helpful. Not to mention they have good massages and the 2 masseurs are very good and cheerful. Don’t missed the hot sauna and ice cold bath in the end of the day. What a treat! Good results too after 7 days there. Missed you all in Santosa sorry for late reviews due busy with schedule hope to visit you next year. Ciao p.s. I hope I didn’t missed out anyone

    - Missey T Singapore, null, Singapore

  • Great programmes, very friendly and warm staff and great place

    I fully enjoyed and learned a lot of things especially on health issues in the 3-day programme that my daughter and I signed up for. I will definitely go back to Santosa in December and for more days.

    - 114liaw2014 Singapore, Singapore

  • Great detox program and amazing raw food restaurant

    My friend and I did a 3-day juice fasting. He lost 1 kg per day while I lost 0.5 kg per day.

    The staff are super friendly and helpful. We didn’t feel hungry at all except for there is another person doing 21-day raw food fasting who kept describing the amazing food he got, which made us water mouthing from time to time.

    There is plenty of yoga/other exercises available throughout the day which kept us kind of busy. Their massage service is also great. We also love the nutrition class with healthy cooking tips.

    We’ll definitely return for a 7-day full fast.

    - pandabella_taipei Los Angeles, California

  • My successful 21 Day Detox


    I just got back to Melbourne after 21 days at the Santosa Detox & Wellness Center. It was a great experience with a very well thought exercise and food program set out for me. I did the Active Cleanse with Raw Food only. I have never tasted Raw food like Suzanna makes it was very tasty. All the girls there from the Yoga and Pilates instructors to the masseurs, to the office staff and accommodation was excellent. I would gladly and will refer people who are serious about getting Healthy and loosing weight to Santosa.
    I thank Colleen and ALL the staff whole-heartily.

    Terry Camilleri

    Room Tip: They have rooms with a beautiful view of the beach. Mine was on the first floos but with a wonderful…


    - terryc774 St Albans, Australia

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