Santosa were absolutely honoured to host clairvoyant, Yvonne Sargeant, from Australia, in August. She enthralled our detox guests with her readings, and injected an electrifying dose of positivity and hope when giving some incredible advice about the past, present and future.

Yvonne has an amazing background in water divining – for some of the largest and most prominentengineering and utilities companies in Australia. Although a rare skill, her true passion is to help people understand and tackle their problems, and her incredible intuition mixed with a background in mental health has provided the perfect platform to advise clients and assist them on becoming the very best version of themselves.

Yvonne floated around the Santosa Center inspiring love and serenity to pretty much anyone that crossed her path, which is the reason why we call her “The Healer”.

Thank you Yvonne for creating a truly spiritual experience for our guests, and adding a new dimension to their detox programs. Reminding us all that intuition is within us, if only we listen and that living with love, kindness and compassion is the ultimate foundation for happiness… you have inspired us all. We are really going to miss you, until next time of course!

Interested in Meeting Yvonne?

Yvonne will be back in no time and available for bookings if you would like to change and alter your perspective on what is, and what will be. So watch this space and connect with us on Facebook or Twitter for more updates at Santosa Phuket.