We all kind of know about our Liver. We know it gets affected by drinking alcohol and we know it does something for our digestion.  But did you know how important your liver is for detoxing and your overall health?

In fact the Liver is much more than we may think! It’s a miracle organ of detoxing and it is involved in around 1000 daily functions such as:

  • cleansing and detoxing our blood
  • breaking down hormones and toxins
  • metabolizing fat
  • storing vitamins, minerals and glucose for energy
  • producing vital building blocks for blood production
  • as well as playing a big role in our immunity against disease

By abusing the liver with alcohol, processed, fatty and deep fried foods as well as medication of any kind (including the “Pill”, ladies) we put a strain on this vital organ. It is already dealing with a lot of the above, as well as keeping us safe from all the other environmental toxins we ingest every day.

So what can we do to take care of our liver?

First thing first – cut out the crap. Get rid of that (daily) evening glass of wine for a while, stop eating that finger licking deep fried chicken and if you can stop all over the counter medication that is not prescribed by your doctor that is a HUGE step to help your liver stay healthy .

To get you started and prepared for any detox follow these steps for a happy liver:

  1. Drink more water!
  2. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables, cooked and raw
  3. Upon rising drink a big warm glass of water and squeeze in half a lime
  4. Incorporate beetroot into your diet – cook it, juice it, pickle it or blend it!
  5. Take some Milk Thistle Extract either as a supplement or as a tea.


Once you have eliminated these bad habits and have started being kind to your liver, you can get to work at repairing your liver more intensely by doing a detox and a specific Liver flush – we will talk about this protocol more in depth in the next blog post – so stayed tuned!