This basic staple for personal hygiene could be a carcinogenic in disguise… Did you know that even some “natural” choices are anything but a healthy alternative?! The moral of the story? Read the fine print!

Dangerous ingredients like glycerin, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sorbitol, aspartame, fluoride, and triclosan cause a whole host of health problems, and they even come with a warning in many countries indicating that toothpaste is not safe to swallow. Why would you clean your mouth with it then?

The only way of guaranteeing that you are not harming yourself in the name of fresh breath, is to go au naturel! Santosa’s toothpaste is just that. Made with salt, baking soda, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil, you can buy it from the center, or just ask us, and we will teach you how to make it!