Today, Santosa’s chef, Susanna Eduini, gives us a mouth watering recipe for Tropical parfait.

I created it for breakfast.

Breakfast is breaking our fast of the night.

Starting each day with a smooth concoction of fruit, nut milk and nutrition-dense seeds, gives us energy and good mood for the day.
This recipe for Tropical Parfait contains all of that, plus raw cacao and buckwheat, for pleasure and taste without guilt and gluten.

Serves one person.

Chocolate pudding layer:
2 tbsp of chia seeds
1 glass of almond milk
1 tbsp of raw cacao powder
1 tsp of raw cacao nibs (optional)
In a bowl put all the ingredients and stir gently and in few minutes the liquid will turn into a pudding.
Refrigerate it.

Fruit layer
Your fruit of choice (here I used half ripe mango)
3 tbsp of cold pressed coconut oil
Lemon juice

In your blender process the ingredients until you have a smooth mousse.
Refrigerate until serving.

Scoop the chocolate pudding into the serving glass.
Top with the fruit pudding.

Sprinkle with germinated buckwheat and a mint leaf as final decoration.
If you don’t have buckwheat, sprinkle with some raw cacao powder.