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Did you know that water is the most important nutrient for our bodies? Humans need to drink water in order to survive. It is involved in every single one of the body’s functions. Your blood needs water so it can carry oxygen to all of the cells in the body. We also need water to digest our food and get rid of waste, too.

70% of our body is made up of water, and water is essential for life. It is lost not only through perspiration and urination, but also through respiration. Therefore, water must be replaced to maintain maximum hydration. Without a doubt, water is the most important macronutrient.

What are macronutrients?

Macronutrients are nutritional needs that the body must have in order to survive. Normally, they include carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. Macronutrients provide the body with energy. Energy is measured in calories and is essential for the body to grow, regulate life processes, as well as repair and develop new tissues and nerve impulses.

Let’s take a closer look at macronutrients and their functions:

  • Carbohydrates – are required for energy and provide the body’s main source of energy. Carbs form the major part of stored food in the body for later use of energy and exist as sugar, starch and fiber. Carbohydrates are also important for fat oxidation and can be converted to protein.
  • Proteins – provide amino acids and make up most of the cell structure including the cell membrane. They tend to be the last used of all macronutrients.
  • Fats – have the highest caloric content and provide the largest amounts of energy when burned. Fats are used in making steroids and hormones as well as serve as solvents for hormones and fat soluble vitamins.
  • Water – is the main component of our body fluids and makes up most of our weight. The body needs more water than any other nutrient and we replenish it through the food we eat and what we drink. Water serves as a carrier. It distributes nutrients to cells and removes wastes through urine. It regulates body temperature and the ionic balance of our blood. Water is also essential for the body’s metabolism.

The importance of water as the 4th macronutrient

Water Fasting Retreat Women Enjoys Safe Drinking Water Santosa Phuket
While water may not provide energy to the body, it is essential to sustain body functions including turning macronutrients to energy. It is important to have adequate water in your system. Water truly is life and the lack of it can cause so many problems. For example, daytime fatigue is primarily caused by a lack of water and even mild dehydration can slow down the body’s metabolism by as much as 3%.

Water can also curb hunger pains, ease back and joint pain and decrease various types of cancers. As a general reminder, drink more water for alcohol consumption, heat, exercise and caffeinated beverages.

Drink 1/2 of your body weight in water in ounces daily and you will enhance fat loss, combat ailments, reduce hunger pains and even look younger. Water is so good for you. Make sure you are drinking as much as you can.

Learn more at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center

Are you interested in learning more about water as the 4th macronutrient? The staff at Santosa highly recommends a great book titled, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water. Written by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj, the book is a pioneering physician’s twenty years of clinical and scientific research into the role of water in the body, explains a breakthrough discovery that Unintentional Chronic Dehydration(UCD) produces stress, chronic pains and many painful degenerational diseases. Dry mouth is not the only sign of dehydration; waiting to get thirsty is wrong. You will learn the different signals of thirst when your body is calling for water. Simply adjusting your water intake – yes, water! Natural, pure water!- can help you to live a healthier, pain-free life.

If the book has piqued your interest and you want to discuss further, fill out theenquiry formand get in touch with us. We are always happy to discuss how to begin a health & wellness journey here at our delightful detox retreat on the stunning tropical island of Phuket, Thailand.

Full Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Fullfast 600X600

Full fast is a full cleanse program specially designed to enable maximum results. You will have no food / no juice but only drink water with cleanses drinks and nutrition supplements. Participants of this program will be subjected to the most powerful, yet natural, body detoxification processes. This program is suitable for those who have detoxification experience and are determined to go deeper for cleanse. A thorough pre-cleanse is also important for the full fast.

Juice Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Juicefast 600X600

Juice fast is a cleanse program to nourish and detoxify the body by drinking fresh fruits and vegetable juice. The key is to hydrate and nourish your cells with the correct vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. Guests participating in the Juice Fast Program have higher energy levels allowing them to take advantage of the various activities available at Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Raw Fast Program

Santosa Resort Detox Wellness Spa Yoga Retreat Kata Beach Phuket Thailand DETOX PROGRAMS Rawfast 600X600

Raw food fast brings together nutritional science and holistic therapies. This program is recommended for guests looking for a long lasting and sustainable post program experience. With a balanced and nutritionally delicious set raw food menu in addition to the regular fasting supplements and a complete program of daily therapies, including regular cleansing sessions, this program is designed to optimize the detoxification process in every way. A raw food diet has shown to increase energy levels, which is great for taking part in many of Santosa’s activities.