In an increasingly toxic environment, we are seeing more and more people who are escaping the rat race and choosing to spend their annual leave in true respite from the rigours of daily life at home. Detox provides the perfect platform for rest, relaxation and purification – meaning that your return from holidays sees you truly re-energised, with increased clarity of mind, boundless energy and an overall “joie de vivre”.

Santosa in the Mecca of Detox

Escaping to the sunny paradise island of Phuket is a picturesque setting for your wellness escape. Famous for its serpentine coastline, azure water and lush, green jungle, it is impossible not to breathe a sigh of great relief when taking in the captivating beauty that is all around. The south of the island has become a mecca for detox and wellness, and it is fast gaining a reputation as the place du jour for resetting the body and mind.

Santosa opened its doors in April, adding to an already prominent landscape of fantastic wellness retreats. Our philosophy is based on providing a platform of affordable luxury to rediscover the equilibrium between body, mind and spirit. Our staff and outside practitioners are commended for their abilities and at Santosa, we are often told, that nothing is too much trouble in assisting our clients to reach their optimal health and vitality.

 We have a number of programs available, including three colema based cleanses, which combine differing levels of fasting with herbs and supplements that aim to clean the digestive tract and purify the mind. The active cleanse program is a different style of cleanse, with equally wonderful results – focusing on sweating out toxins through a rigorous training and treatment program, through the body’s largest organ – its skin!

So why not contact one of our wellness professionals today, to ensure that your next holiday offers you a true break, which will improve your year ahead and focus on the most important asset… you!

Start your detox in Phuket today!