Toxins are everywhere. Simply put, a toxin is a harmful matter. There are many types of toxins, but in the detox world they are mostly broken down into internal toxins and external toxins.

A detox can be an effective way to clear the body of toxins, especially if the liver and kidneys are being overworked and could use a little bit of reinforcement. Detoxes come in many shapes and forms. Although not always easy, a detox can enhance your overall health by rebooting your body and speeding up your metabolism.


These days there are a wide variety of detox programs that all make the statement. They will help remove toxins from your body. Often times the language of detox and toxins can be ambiguous and even confusing, so here is some further information on internal and external toxins.


Internal toxins are found inside the body. These toxins are often referred to as the waste which accumulates while the body is burning energy in order to rebuild tissue and replace dying cells. Internal toxins essentially need to be broken down, recycled and eliminated from our bodies.  

Our bodies naturally often work so hard eliminating toxins, that sometimes some are overlooked and accumulated. When toxins accumulate inside the body, they can make us sick. Our systems can become easily clogged, and this can be based on the simplest things such as food or medications. A few signs of internal toxin build up include chronic infections and allergic reactions.

The opposite of internal toxins, external toxins are classified as toxins outside of the body that can be either ingested or absorbed. Unfortunately, external toxins are everywhere … they are in the food we eat, the water we drink, and the very air we breathe. Prime examples of external toxins include contaminated food and water, mold, lead and mercury and other heavy metals, chemicals and environmental pollutants such as cigarette smoke and smog.

Regardless if they are internal or external, toxins are extremely harmful and do need to be eradicated from the body. The very best way to do this is to partake in a detox. A detox will eliminate poisonous or harmful substances from your body, and once finished, leave you feeling healthier and revitalized.


Eliminating toxins in Phuket

Located in Phuket, Thailand, Santosa Detox and Wellness Center specializes in a wide variety of programs and activities to promote a healthier, happier life. We offer a wide variety of detox programs here at our center located high in the hills above Phuket’s famous Kata Beach.


If you are interested in eliminating toxins from your body or learning more about the detox programs that we offer here at our center, simply fill out the enquiry form below. A dedicated member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Although we cannot out run internal and external toxins, we can do our best to help eliminate them and keep our bodies healthy for years to come. We look forward to welcoming you and accompanying you on your wellness journey.

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