The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

The benefits of eating raw, ‘living’ food are countless, but overall a diet rich in ‘raw’ allows us to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients and consume vital enzymes that help our digestive systems to break down food… something which is impossible when we cook, because these vestibules of goodness are destroyed.Raw foods are incredible on a cellular level, creating ultimate rejuvenation of the molecules in our body, that not only makes us look amazing, enhances energy, promotes mental clarity and helps us sleep better at night, but also wards off disease and illness and in some cases can reverse years of poor dietary and lifestyle decisions.

Want to fight free radicals and avoid oxidization? Anti-oxidant rich raw foods will put you in good stead!

There is no better way to ensure that your body will maintain low PH acid levels, than with a diet rich in raw food. Restoring alkalinity, and allowing your palate to taste fresh exuberant flavors once again, it is possible to rebalance your system into craving healthy, clean food, as opposed to the packaged, processed and calorie laden varieties that have become part of our normal diets.

Why not go raw today? Join us for a Raw Food Detox or at our Santosa Vegan and Raw food restaurant in Phuket.