Normally our body has a natural ability to deal with debris substances. However nowadays we are being exposed to high levels of harmful substances and sometimes, because of low immunity and bad function of the body´s system, we start to keep instead of releasing toxins. Imagine how many years of accumulation our body has been obliged to deal with.

Think of your body as a powerful machine, like a car. At regular intervals you send your car to the garage for a check-up. Sometimes the car looks very clean and shiny from the outside, but inside the oil is very dirty and thick, the filters are completely polluted and at any time the car could stop. Our body is exactly the same. We need to clean our filters and recharge our batteries in order to thrive on the road of life.

When the body is overwhelmed by toxins we may start to experience some kind of symptoms: irritable, stressed, difficult to concentrate, tired, migraines, headache, gas, bloated, constipation, stomach pain, insomnia, seasonal or food allergies, varicose veins, psoriasis, acne, unpleasant body odor and lack of libido.
Cleansing it is a very effective way to prevent and heal diseases.

Curiosity: Have you ever wondered that when we get sick, the first thing that happens is we lose our appetite. That is the natural way of our body trying to fast and detox, which means the body stops the digestive process to keep all the energy, in order to purify, heal, repair and rejuvenate.


Sometimes during the fast some people may have experience some symptoms of Healing Crises.

The scientific term used for it is ‘The Herxeimer Reaction’, which means that when you start the process of purification your body will be very happy and will start to assist this elimination, cleansing in a deeper cellular level.

Sometimes if you are releasing lots of toxins in the blood stream faster than getting rid of it, you may experience some unpleasant healing crises, such as:

• Fever
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Coughing

This does not mean you are getting sick; actually they are very positive, it shows that your body is cooperating and purifying more intensively.

Healing Crises without medicines

Don´t try to avoid any kind of unpleasant symptoms by taking drugs. Instead, take a deep breath and surrender completely to the purification, trusting in the own healing intelligence of your Immune system.

You can support this process by resting, drinking plenty of water and electrolytes (coconut – broth), massage, herbal steam and most important: being in a positive relaxed mental state.
However, In case you may think that the intensity of those crises is too much for you. You are very welcome to talk with one of our consulters to discuss what the best is for you, perhaps altering your program to a less intense treatment.

It´s up to you, just listen to your body.