A little story of a woman breaking herself on her quest for the life she wants to live:

Once upon a time there was a young woman working very hard. She moved to a faraway city that was never going to be her home, studied for many years there before jumping into busy working life, moving from city to city to accomplish her quest for achievement. She was so dedicated to push through to get there, somewhere. The holidays were her sanctuary, she would go home, feel at ease with herself and the world and recharge before taking on the things that, in her mind would make her succeed in this lifetime.

Many years went by in this fashion of battle and quest, recharge and recovery. Having always been fit and healthy she found her mind, body and spirit spiraling into a never seen before state of decay. She would run – get an injury – be banned from running due to pain and inflammation – stop exercising and get caught in a nasty loop of being unfit, training and injury. She ate healthy generally but found herself eating the sweets and snacks found in the office to keep her energy up after those long meetings. The commuting meant she got home later and later, ate dinner later and later or skipped it altogether finding she would just collapse in bed exhausted, not many hours before the alarm would shake her out of bed again. In a hurry to catch the train she would grab something to eat on the run and rush off to the next coffee stand to sweep out the last cobwebs before concentrating on her ultimate quest for success. This went on day after day, month after month, year after year.

Bad sleep, pain in the body, poor digestion with constipation issues, and brain fog were all things that were popping up on a growing list of concerns in this young woman’s life. Not bad enough to stop her on her quest though – because she was strong and she could endure hardships.
She wanted a way out, to get her health back so she could continue on her quest – this was just a real inconvenience in her rise to her vision of being an empowered and successful woman in the business world. So she delayed it and told herself she would take care of it tomorrow.

How could a Health Coach do anything in a situation like this?

Well, one fateful afternoon she met with an old friend. This old friend of hers was a Health Coach and she agreed to run through a wellness assessment together to see what was making her feel so stuck in her life.
The questions on the form started to bring up some realizations that she had been just too busy to acknowledge. Realizations about her health, happiness, state of mind and even her life direction.  This was her first powerful insight, a Coach simple holding up a mirror in front of her, letting her take a step back to understand what was happening to her in her life.

What was the result of this seemingly mundane event?

This only seemed to be an innocent chat between long standing friends, yet the Coach was asking specific questions that really cut through the thicket of confusion of how to live a happy and healthy life in line with her visions. A few months after this innocent meeting she:

  • quit her job, took some time off to go travelling and exploring
  • did a detox to change her eating habits and reduce the inflammation in her body
  • started running again to become fit in a gentle manner
  • AND found a new job in another country which gave her the freedom and after work lifestyle that made her feel alive and energized.

These things didn’t happen overnight but she realized that this was a challenging and scary time in her life and having her Health Coach there to support her, cheer her on and challenge her gave her the motivation to push forward. She could now push for the success in her career that she was yearning for from the beginning, but now she was coming from a point of power and sustainability, not exhaustion and desperation.

That is the key point – we can only be happy and healthy if we align our life, our daily happenings with our bigger picture, our visions. Whatever that vision may look like e.g. having a family, successful business, happy marriage, saving the world…
We can be so focused on the bigger picture and the end product of our vision that we forget and neglect our daily happenings, our health, our body mind and spirit, which is the vehicle to travel to the destination of your vision.

How does this apply to you?

Have you ever been in the mindset of just needing to get through this so that then I can be happy, healthy, kind, successful, fill in the blank?
If you can align your daily choices with the bigger picture and enjoy the ride – that’s what it’s all about. That’s where a Health Coach can really help you to create your own launch pad to your success by finding ways to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy while you are reaching for the stars.

Life isn’t easy, but it is beautiful with all its challenges and lessons to be learnt. If you need someone to stand by your side because you are confused and need to be guided back to your own wisdom and health – a Health Coach is the right choice.

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