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Santosa Detox & Wellness Center
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Active Cleanse

Active Cleanse program is based on exercise and scientific meal plan, compelling the body to ‘sweat out’ years of built up toxicity within. The active cleanse provides rejuvenation on a cellular level. By eating our wonderful vegan dishes, drinking the healthy juices, and enjoying our nutritional support this program will speed up your metabolism and release feel-good chemicals from the brain.

What is the special of our Active Cleanse Program?

  • Tailor-made preparation program with our professional trainer.
  • Special meal plan based on your daily calories norm with detailed proportion of carbs/fat/protein counting.
  • Personal assessment and training plan.
  • Early morning special work-out in a daily base.
  • Private personal training session every 2 days.



What are the inclusions of Active Cleanse Program?

  • Health Questionnaire
  • Pre-program and Health Support
  • Body Index Check
  • Program Orientation
  • Santosa Wellness Professional Consultation


  • Morning Healthy Talks
  • Special Meal Plan
  • Early Morning Work-out or outdoor walk (beach or jungle)
  • Private training every 2 days
  • Daily Fitness & Body, Mind Classes (Zumba, different styles of Yoga, Breathwork, Fit ball, HIIT, Meditation, Boxing, TRX, Cooking class…)
  • Daily Massage Treatment 1 extra massage treatment of your choice from our extensive massage menu
  • Daily Blood pressure check
  • 3 healthy vegan meals per day (according to meal plan)
  • Daily healthy boosting drink (wheat grass)
  • Plant based protein shake
  • 1 Fresh and delicious juices during the day
  • Herbal Tea
  • Ultimate use of swimming pools, gym, Sauna and Ice Pool
  • 1 Spring Clean Colema Trial (Optional)
  • Optional Alternative Therapists (Reiki, Demoka, Acupuncture, Breathwork, etc.)


  • Resolution Meeting
  • Before and after program results presentation
  • On-going training and nutrition plan (at extra cost)


  • Santosa Wellness Gift Pack
    Natural Toiletries
    Detox Shaker
    Santosa Tropical Day Bag

Your typical day will start with an early morning wake up. You have the option to meditate by yourself in our meditation room before attending the morning exercise at 7:30am. After this, we have a group morning meeting. Here we reconfirm your program and massage schedules, talk about your progress, and also have an educational discussion about health-related topics. Once the daily schedule is set, you are able to manage your free time however you like.

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