The mental and emotional benefits of yoga are akin to moving meditation, and the beneficial impact on our spirit is palpable. When we detox, we cleanse all facets of our being – body, mind and spirit. Yoga is another cleansing practice, bringing our focus back onto the breath and flowing movement that creates a new world of awareness each time that we step onto the mat.

The Bond between Yoga and Detox

When undertaking a physical cleanse, it is important to not only keep the body moving in order to accelerate the elimination process through our organs, but also to bring intense focus and concentration onto ourselves whilst encouraging and promoting mindfulness and reflection. 

The journey of self-discovery through the physical postures in a yoga series create internal awareness, and through this sensation a mental connection to the body is formed. 

When we become mentally aware, we activate our consciousness and then the relationship with our essence is created, where energy can be shifted with ease and grace.

It can take a long time for such a relationship with all facets of our being to be formed. However, when detoxing, the intrinsic connection is so much more pronounced that when practicing yoga, more spiritually profound and meaningful experiences are able to exist. Self discovery and consciousness is what yoga is all about, so the marriage between detoxing and yoga is a very happy one.

When we physically detox, we mentally and emotionally clear out a huge amount of debris. Yoga is hugely beneficial in this spiritual purge, particularly in poses specifically aimed at the hips, where much emotion and negativity is stored. 

A hips series can really shift years of pent up emotion, and during the detox process at Santosa in Phuket, we highly recommend this class for its cathartic impact and emotional support. 

The feelings of mental and physical lightness that abound when we are able to emotionally let go are incomparable. To get in touch with yourself, and discover the wonderful connection between each facet of our being, detoxing with yoga is something that we highly recommend at Santosa Detox Center.

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