Our hips store a great deal of emotion – tightness can indicate a plethora of feelings that we have attached to certain events in our lives, and stretching out this tenuous area often results in feelings of letting go and emotional lightness. Yoga is the perfect synergy between mind, body and spirit, that allows us to do this.

Hips need to be kept happy! Not only for the emotional benefit, but also for the fact that they are linked to the health of hamstring and lower back. When our hips are tight, often we find we develop issues in these areas too. 

Yoga for Hips Inspiration

How Kim White embarked on her yogic journey is an inspiring story which demonstrates that yoga can really change the course of our lives. At three years of age, faced with the prospect of having to wear leg braces to enable her to walk, Kim’s forward thinking mother introduced her daughter to the practice of yoga. At fourteen, Kim taught her first yoga class in Australia. After many years of practical training, Kim’s path brought her to Thailand, where her spiritual journey began and where she met two very influential teachers. 

One teacher showed her the deeper practice of asanas, pranayama, and the philosophical and practical basis of the Patanjali. Whilst the other, a master of the Eastern Arts, who has become her kalyanamitta, shared with her the Buddha Dhamma , Chi Gong and the hermetic sciences (a western metaphysical tradition). 

Ajahn Kim White’s training was conducted in traditional ways, a live-in situation with master and student which spanned for over 3 years. She has a complete dedication to her chosen art, and an ability to teach without pretention, making it both fun and therapeutic. At Santosa we consider her to be a very unique and talented yogi, and when we decided to open the hip yoga class in Phuket, there was no doubt that she was our first choice to lead this innovative practice. 

So, to keep your hips in tip-top shape, Phuket’s favourite yogi is coming to the rescue! Kim White, is THE guru when it comes to muscular-skeletal yoga knowledge. Join us every Thursday at 5pm to experience a feeling of body fluidity and emotional lightness like never before.

In order to book a session of Yoga for Hips with Kim please contact us here or on Facebook.