Yoga Does a Body Good

1H4A1371-1Yoga is about a healthy lifestyle. It unclutters the mind and helps you feel more focused while building muscle, gaining strength and uplifting the spirit. Yoga truly is an exercise for everyone. It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how out of shape you might have become – yoga can help you bounce back.


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise

Yoga originated in India. It is a physical, mental and spiritual practice or discipline. Yoga has been around in some shape or form for centuries. There are a wide variety of schools and different practices of yoga, but one thing is for certain – yoga has a profound positive effect on both the body and the mind. Scientifically proven, yoga’s benefits are instant and long lasting. Yoga has the capability of changing your physical and mental capacity quite quickly, all the while preparing the mind and body for long term health.

Yoga is for everyone

There are few limitations to yoga. Yoga studios and gyms often see a wide demographic of teens, athletes, moms and even older gentlemen attending the classes on hand. Yoga does not focus on niche clients, but tends to welcome everyone interested with open arms. When starting out, try not to be hard on yourself. With continued practice, your yoga poses will get better and you will feel the positive high that yoga presents. In time, you will be able to take on more challenging poses and experience even more yoga health benefits.


Here are some of the positive health benefits of yoga. Why not make a commitment to getting started?

  1. Better Sleep

When you start practicing yoga, you will begin to release pent up energy that could cause you to feel restless and keep you from sleeping, or provide you with an evening of tossing and turning. Doing yoga helps relax your nervous system, which is the part of the body that controls your sleeping patterns. Once your nervous system is relaxed, you will sleep sounder and deeper.

  1. More Energy

As you begin your yoga journey, especially in the beginning, you may feel tired and the practice may seem like a very hard challenge due to the fact that you must exert a lot of effort just to hold basic poses. However, as you continue on, the yoga poses will become easier. You will notice that after classes instead of feeling exhausted, you will feel refreshed.

  1. More Strength

Yoga requires your body to bend and stretch into positions that will naturally strengthen your muscles. During yoga, you only use your bodyweight for resistance. The more yoga you do, the more your body weight should naturally decrease which makes poses easier to complete. As you improve, your body feels stronger and lighter and it is best to remember that all yoga poses will provide you with more strength if you practice them regularly.

  1. Lower Blood Pressure

Yoga is a great workout for your heart. It helps to improve cardiovascular functions, and the longer you stick with the practice the more benefits you will reap. Due to the fact that yoga has a calming nature, you will push yourself to breathe deep and relax. You will focus on feeling good. Reducing your blood pressure reduces the risk of heart related diseases and conditions, allowing people to live a longer life.

  1. Better Metabolism

Yoga increases your metabolism, increases your lean muscle and makes you more flexible. The trickle down effects of this include nearly effortless weight loss. Improved metabolism also means more energy and the opportunity to burn calories at a faster rate.

Yoga for Hips

Other benefits of yoga include better circulation, better respiration, less stress and anxiety, lower cholesterol, tones the body and boosts your immune system. You will never truly understand the benefits of yoga, and how effortless they are to achieve, unless you get started. Lucky for you, we offer two really fantastic yoga classes at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center.



Yoga in Phuket

Santosa Detox and Wellness Center offers a wide variety of classes on a daily basis, including yoga, and two of the most popular yoga classes include Aerial Yoga and Bliss Yoga. Both classes allow the perfect opportunity to begin your yoga journey. If you are interested in knowing more or joining any of our yoga or other fitness-based classes, simply fill out the enquiry form below and we will get back to you. All of the dedicated staff at Santosa Detox and Wellness Center are looking forward to welcoming you and aiding you in your detox and wellness journey.

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