Yoga & Wellness

Yoga & Wellness Programs

Whether you’re looking for a Yoga retreat or an active weight-loss program, or perhaps a combination of them all-we surely…Our staff, trainers and assistants work with you all the way towards your specific goal; no matter what you’ve set yourself as a target for your stay! A stay at Santosa will follow your own pace, fitness level, and ability. Read more about our packages below. We have a suitable package for everyone here at Santosa.

A vacation is great, a yoga retreat is even better. If you’re looking for an active Yoga holiday where you truly can unwind from the everyday life with all its stress and burdens it bears with it, then a Yoga retreat is perfect for you. 

Our Active Cleanse program is based on a custom-made exercise and scientific meal plan, compelling the body to ‘sweat out’ years of built up toxicity within. The active cleanse provides rejuvenation on a cellular level. 

Santosa Wellness Center aims to be the principal location for health, wellbeing, and energy in Phuket. In addition to the various fasting and detox programs, we open our doors to outside guests who would like to experience the center’s fitness and wellness facilities. 

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