It’s All About Zumba

High energy and incredibly entertaining! It is impossible not to smile your way through this class and feel positively reinvigorated! A great cardio workout, with a following that creates a Zumba community and an inclusive environment. Join us at Santosa with fantastic Geti, who will lead you into Latin-inspired euphoria! Un, Dos, Tres.

We do not consider Zumba a class, it is a fitness party! Making exercising fun, the dynamic Latin-based dance workout has taken the fitness world by storm. Vibrant and energetic, an hour of serious cardio passes by in such a flurry of colourful smiles, that it doesn’t feel like exercise at all! Ever wondered what it would be like to find a user friendly way to learn the basics of samba, salsa, hip hop and other international movements? Zumba provides an enjoyable way to discover your inner beat, and explore your creativity through freedom of movement in a friendly group environment. Join us at Santosa in Phuket to electrify your cardio workouts with style and pizzazz….

The Zumba Teacher

Want to know a little more about the best Zumba teacher in Phuket? The formidable Geti began her fitness career in Venice, Italy, after finding an incredibly fun way to merge all of her Latin dancing into the fitness craze that has taken the world by storm – Zumba. After her first class, she knew she had to be certified, and from there, Zumba changed her life. Two years later she arrived in Phuket, where she was the second certified instructor on the island. Developing her fitness skill set, she became qualified in advanced Zumba, fitball, pilates, aqua fitness and sports nutrition. She has taught at over 20 locations in Thailand, and brings to Santosa a wealth of knowledge. If we could describe Geti in three words, they would be passionate, fun and determined. She loves to encourage all fitness levels and intuitively tailors each class to support a range of levels and goals.

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