How to prepare your body to be a Mom?

How to prepare your body to be a Mom?

Becoming a mother is one of the most magical transformations in a woman. At Santosa, we provide yoga and meditation private classes to future “Moms”. What can we do more to be ready? We are delighted to share more tips here.

Educate Yourself

There’s a lot of fear of the unknown as to what happens to our bodies during pregnancy and labor. The more fear we have, the more anxious we become and the more stress hormones are released, thus making labor, in itself, more painful. As you ease your mind–empowering it with information about what to expect throughout pregnancy and labor–the intensity of pain lessens.

Don’t panic

Pregnancy takes time for a reason.  The gradual process gives you time to plan!  So you have time to get things ready before you go to your birth place.  Have fun with it, don’t panic, enjoy this moment with your partner and your other kids.

Tap into the Power of Prenatal Yoga 

In a prenatal yoga practice, there’s a lot of emphasis on breathing, especially through the difficult poses. Through working with our breath, we are able to relax more in uncomfortable moments. Our breath will allow us to remain present and ground us during these times, as well as give us a break in tough times.

By practicing the poses common to most pregnancy yoga classes, you will learn how to release lower back tension, and open up your chest, shoulders and hips. All of these muscles can hold tension during pregnancy and labor, so learning how to release this specific tension is very helpful.
Santosa can offer private Prenatal Yoga classes upon request…

Just breathe

The most important thing to do is just to breathe deeply and naturally like you would if you were exercising.  Focus on breathing OUT any tension that you may have.  It sounds crazy but it works.  A good birth can be as simple as mastering the breath.

Make Time for Meditation  

A meditation practice puts your body and mind into training enabling you to sit be with discomfort at times. The deeper we are able to go into a practice, the more objectively we are able to observe everything around and within ourselves, rather than reacting to it. It will allow us to remain present with everything.

Eat Nutritious Food

Almost all pregnant women need to get more protein, increased amounts of certain vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, iron and calcium, and they require a higher calorie intake to keep up their energy. If your diet is poor to begin with, making the transition to eating nutritious meals is one of the best things you can do for your baby’s health. A healthy diet includes proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and plenty of water. But eating better doesn’t mean eating more ­­– or rather, not much more.

We can’t control everything

Some women give birth exactly as they had planned, but many don’t.  You can have a great empowering birth, even if things did not go exactly as you had planned. Both natural and surgical birth can teach us an important lesson for being mothers: that we don’t always get to pick how things go, and sometimes just need to surrender.

Becoming a mother is one of the most magical transformations in a woman. Enjoy the journey and remember to treat yourself well.

Fasting at home

Fasting at home

In case you want to do a fast at home, you will need to do some preparation. The first and foremost is preparing your mind for the practice. Fasting requires discipline but also involves getting to know about yourself. One of the reasons it is part of numerous religious traditions is that fasting is a great way to discover things about yourself and your beliefs.

A normal human body can go for weeks without food. Nevertheless we are all unique. Two people can be subjected to the same conditions and their reactions can be quite different.  If you have a serious illness or contraindications such as any kind of deficiency diseases you should not take up long term fasts.


Select a length of time to do your fast. While many regular fasters can do a fast from 3 to 30 days, beginners should experiment by trying several shorter fasts first to see how their bodies react.

Plan your fast for a period during which you will not be under a lot of stress or during which fasting might interfere with your daily routine.


If your diet consists of a lot of meat, processed foods, and you drink coffee and smoke it may be quite a shock to cut any or all of these things out of your diet. Not drinking coffee, for example, can induce headaches if you are used to having caffeine every day. Cutting back and altering your diet several days before you fast can help your body’s detoxification process be less of a shock once you get into your fast.

Prepare mentally

You will need to begin to learn how you respond mentally to not eating. Sometimes the mind can throw up lots of pent up emotions from the past which are stored in the subconscious mind. The important thing is to understand that being emotional and more sensitive are normal reactions. Keep the mind as peaceful as possible. Maintain a witness attitude during this time. Practice slow deep breathing to make the mind steady and peaceful.


There will also be external challenges. As you move through your day you will inevitably come across food. This is true whether you stay at home, go to work or are on vacation. Anyway, you will find yourself in different social situations. These may be interactions with your family, co-workers, and people that are part of the social communities that you have in your life. Interactions that you have with others can be a challenge because many social interactions involve food. It is good to have some idea of what you might want to say if you get into a situation where others are eating while you, conspicuously, are not. Besides a few people you trust and find supportive, you should consider limiting who you tell. People will ask or tell you all kinds of things about food, nutrition and religion when you mention you are fasting. Realize that there is nothing wrong with saying you do not feel like eating, rather than feeling like you need to tell everyone you are fasting.

Energy level and exercise

Get plenty of rest during your fast. You may experience a drop in stamina and energy during this time. Don’t overexert yourself. Maintain healthy sleep patterns. Fasting is all about rest – physical, emotional, sensory and physiological.

Avoid intense exercise during this time. Instead, try Yoga or Tai Chi. It must be a quieting restorative exercise. A calming way of stretching the body’s muscles  is what a fasting body needs. You may also do light walking to keep your muscles strong and to aid in the detoxification process. And you can do resistance training. Working your muscles against a resisting force, helps flush out toxins and waste through the lymphatic system. Lymphatic fluid is only moved by muscle contractions.

Perform enemas

The body has a natural mechanism to throw out toxins from the body during the healing process. These toxins are mostly thrown out through digestive system into the intestines. At this time, one gets a thick white coating on the tongue. The coating may remain even after scrapping the tongue. This is a sign that the toxins are being eliminated.

Within a short period our body turns from burning the usual fuel of food and drink to metabolizing matter already present in our body. This process is called autolysis where a huge amount of morbid matter, fat cell debris, so-called ketone bodies, dead cells and diseased tissues are burned up; and the toxic waste which has accumulated in the tissues for years, causing disease and premature aging, are loosened and expelled from the system. The digestion and elimination systems are the main pathway by which these toxins are thrown out of the body.
As during fasting, the natural bowel movements cease to take place, the toxic wastes would have no way of leaving the system, except with the help of enemas… All this can cause headaches, weakness, dizziness, bad mood. Enemas during fasting will assist the body in its cleansing and detoxifying effort by washing out all the toxic wastes from the bowels.

The toxins may also get removed through the lungs. At that time one may get foul breath which may last for a day or two.

Breaking the fast

Breaking the fast is equally important as the fast itself. When the body goes without food for several days, it sort of gets used to it. The digestive fire goes down meaning the stomach  lining is more sensitive and your body is not producing as many digestive enzymes. At that time, one cannot eat or digest large quantities of food. It will be like a shock to the system, if you consume solid food. So one has to gradually increase the digestive fire and bring it back to normal. Start with fresh juices  and smoothies and then add soft raw fruits and veggies for the first few days. Begin with frequent small meals, every 2 hours or so. Then progress slowly toward larger meals with more time in between until you reach a ‘normal’ eating routine such as 3 meals a day. Wait at least 1-2 weeks before you consume any form of dairy, red meat, grains, beans or baked goods, coffee and black tea.


Enjoy your fasting at home! Or if you feel it’s too hard to detox at home by yourself, you are more than welcome to join one type of detox program in Santosa Detox & Wellness Center.

Water Kefir – The probiotic wonder drink

Water Kefir – The probiotic wonder drink

Probiotics are integral to a healthy gut system. The gut micro biome is responsible for digestion of food, production of certain vitamins, defense against other bad microorganisms and support for our immune system by creating a barrier from the outside world.

What is Water Kefir?

Water Kefir is symbiotic grains of bacteria and yeast that ferment a specific liquid – in this case sugar-water. It produces a mild, light and refreshing, slightly carbonated beverage. The bacteria eat the sugar and leave you with a low sugar, probiotic rich drink. They are known under many different names such as tibicos, tibi, water kefir grains, sugar kefir grains, Japanese water crystals and California bees are just some of their names!!

These probiotics are amazing to detox your system of bad bacteria by keeping the balance in your gut. They will boost your immune system and are especially great if you often suffer from urinary tract infections, digestive issues and stomach bugs.

How to make Water Kefir

Source some grains – from a friend or a store. This shouldn’t be hard as they multiple like crazy so you’ll likely find someone who will share.

Dissolve 2 tablespoons of organic cane sugar in a jar with 500ml of filtered water.

Add the grains and put a lid on the jar.
Leave them to ferment for 24 – 48 hours then strain the liquid into a glass or another container. Chill and drink. You can add some flavor by adding some lime or even adding it to your smoothie or juices for a probiotic punch.

To reuse the grain start over and repeat the process (take the grains out of the jar while dissolving the sugar)

To change the flavor you can try different types of sugar from palm sugar, cane sugar, brown sugar and so many more. Just don’t use honey or syrups as this kills the bacteria.

Happy fermenting !!

How to do a Liver Detox at Home

How to do a Liver Detox at Home

As we learnt in the last Blog Post how important the Liver is, today we will look at a home detox protocol for the liver.

There are many, many Liver detox out on the market and here at Santosa we incorporate a gentle Liver Flush on the 4th day of your detox to assist your overall experience.

Yet the one I am about to describe is a detox that I have done consistently over the years and have seen amazing results from reduced muscle & joint pain, migraines disappearing, digestion improving and losing weight and improving skin – just to name a few.

Do you have a deeper interest in clearing out your liver of thousands of toxins?
Read on and do this Amazing Liver Cleanse.
This Cleanse helps you eliminate the toxins that are supposed to be transported out of your body through your bile but have turned into “stones” of various sizes.
If our Liver and Gallbladder are congested with these stones it can be very painful and these organs cannot perform their usual functions. And as we learnt in the last post they do a lot for your body!

The Amazing Liver Flush Protocol

The liver cleanse requires six days of preparation,

This is followed by 16-20 hours of actual cleansing.

Things you’ll need:

  • Apple juice 6 x 1-liter containers (fresh pressed is even better but for convenience organic store bought works well too)
  • Epsom salts – 4 tablespoons dissolved in three 250ml glasses of water
  • Virgin olive oil, cold-pressed One-half glass 125ml
  • Either fresh grapefruit (pink is best), or fresh lemon and orange combined
    Enough to squeeze 2/3 glass of juice (160ml)
  • 1 liter jar and a small (250ml) jar with a lid

*Look for oral Epsom salts – not bath flakes!
*Don’t worry if you can’t find grapefruit – the other citrus fruits have the same effect!

Six Days Preparation period

  • Drink 1 liter of apple juice per day for a period of six days. (You may drink more than that if it feels comfortable). The malic acid in the apple juice softens the gallstones and makes their passage through the bile ducts easy. Drink the apple juice slowly throughout the day, between meals (avoid drinking the juice during, just before and two hours after meals, and in the evening). This is in addition to your normal water intake.
  • Dietary recommendations: During the entire week of preparation and cleansing, avoid taking foods or beverages that are cold or chilled; they chill the liver and, thereby, reduce the effectiveness of the cleanse. All foods or beverages should be warm or at least room temperature. To help the liver prepare for the main flush go vegan so try to avoid foods from animal sources, dairy products and fried food items. Otherwise, eat normal meals, but avoid overeating.
  • Be good to yourself

Day 6 of drinking apple juice:

If you feel hungry in the morning, eat a light breakfast, such as a hot cereal or fruit.
Avoid sugar or other sweeteners, spices, milk, butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham, eggs, nuts, pastries, cold cereals – basically stay vegan and eat whole foods!
For lunch eat plain cooked or steamed vegetables with white rice and flavor it with a little unrefined sea or rock salt.
To repeat, do not eat any protein foods, butter or oil, or you might feel ill during the actual cleanse.
Do not eat or drink anything, except lots of water after 2PM, otherwise you may not flush out any stones!
Follow the exact timing given below to receive the maximum benefit from the liver flush.

The Actual Cleanse (day 6 of drinking apple juice) Evening

6:00PM: Add four tablespoons of Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) to three 250ml glasses of filtered water in your 1 liter jar.
This makes four servings, ¾ glass each. Drink your first portion now.
You may take a few sips of water afterwards to get rid of the bitter taste in the mouth or add a little lemon juice to improve the taste.
Some people drink it with a large plastic straw to bypass the taste buds on the tongue. It is also helpful to brush your teeth afterwards or rinse out the mouth with baking soda. One of the main actions of Epsom salt is to dilate (widen) the bile ducts, making it easy for the stones to pass. Moreover, it clears out waste that may obstruct the release of the stones.

8:00PM: Drink your second serving (¾ glass) of Epsom salts.

9:30PM: If you have not had a bowel movement until now and not done a colon cleanse within 24 hours, take a water enema; this will trigger a series of bowel movements.

9:45PM: Thoroughly wash the grapefruits (or lemons and oranges). Squeeze them by hand and remove pulp.  You will need ¾ glass of juice. Pour the juice and ½ glass of olive oil into the small jar.

Close the jar tightly and shake hard, about 20 times or until the solution is watery. Ideally, you should drink this mixture at 10:00PM, but if you feel you still need to visit the bathroom a few more times, you may delay this step for up to10 minutes.

10:00PM: Stand next to your bed (do not sit down) and drink the concoction, if possible, straight. Some people prefer to drink it through a large plastic straw. If necessary, take a little honey between sips, which helps chase down the mixture. Most people, though, have no problem drinking it straight. Do not take more than 5 minutes for this (only elderly or weak people may take longer).

LIE DOWN STRAIGHT AWAY! This is essential for helping to release the gallstones! Turn off the lights and lie flat on your back with 1-2 pillows propping you up. Your head should be higher than the abdomen. If this is uncomfortable lie on your right side with your knees pulled towards your head. Lie perfectly still for at least 20 minutes and try not to speak! Put your attention on your liver. You may even feel the stones traveling along the bile ducts like marbles. There won’t be any pain because the magnesium in the Epsom salts keeps the bile duct valves wide open and relaxed, and the bile that is excreted along with the stones keeps the bile ducts well lubricated (this is very different in the case of a gallbladder attack where magnesium and bile are not present). Go to sleep if you can.

If at any time during the night you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, do so. Check if there are already small gallstones (pea green or tan colored ones) floating in the toilet. You may feel nauseous during the night and/or in the early morning hours. This is mostly due to a strong, sudden outpouring of gallstones and toxins from the liver and gallbladder, pushing the oil mixture back into the stomach. The nausea will pass as the morning progresses.

The Following Morning

6:00-6:30AM: Upon awakening, but not before 6am, drink your third ¾ glass of Epsom salts (if you feel very thirsty drink a glass of warm water before taking the salts). Rest, read or meditate. If you are very sleepy, you may go back to bed, although it is best if the body stays in the upright position. Most people feel absolutely fine and prefer to do some light exercises, such as Yoga.

8:00-8:30AM: Drink your fourth and last ¾ glass of Epsom salts.

10:00-10:30AM: You may drink freshly pressed fruit juice at this time. One half-hour later you may eat one or two pieces of fresh fruit. One hour later you may eat regular (but light!) food.
By the evening or the next morning you should be back to normal, and feel the first signs of improvement. Continue to eat light meals during the following days. Remember, your liver and gallbladder underwent major surgery, albeit without harmful side effects.

If you want to know more – read the book ‘The amazing Liver Cleanse’ by Andreas Moritz where you can find more detailed information. This cleanse should be done every 3 months until no more stones appear. Then a bi-annual cleanse is recommended.

The Liver – miracle organ of detoxing

The Liver – miracle organ of detoxing

We all kind of know about our Liver. We know it gets affected by drinking alcohol and we know it does something for our digestion.  But did you know how important your liver is for detoxing and your overall health?

In fact the Liver is much more than we may think! It’s a miracle organ of detoxing and it is involved in around 1000 daily functions such as:

  • cleansing and detoxing our blood
  • breaking down hormones and toxins
  • metabolizing fat
  • storing vitamins, minerals and glucose for energy
  • producing vital building blocks for blood production
  • as well as playing a big role in our immunity against disease

By abusing the liver with alcohol, processed, fatty and deep fried foods as well as medication of any kind (including the “Pill”, ladies) we put a strain on this vital organ. It is already dealing with a lot of the above, as well as keeping us safe from all the other environmental toxins we ingest every day.

So what can we do to take care of our liver?

First thing first – cut out the crap. Get rid of that (daily) evening glass of wine for a while, stop eating that finger licking deep fried chicken and if you can stop all over the counter medication that is not prescribed by your doctor that is a HUGE step to help your liver stay healthy .

To get you started and prepared for any detox follow these steps for a happy liver:

  1. Drink more water!
  2. Eat lots of leafy green vegetables, cooked and raw
  3. Upon rising drink a big warm glass of water and squeeze in half a lime
  4. Incorporate beetroot into your diet – cook it, juice it, pickle it or blend it!
  5. Take some Milk Thistle Extract either as a supplement or as a tea.


Once you have eliminated these bad habits and have started being kind to your liver, you can get to work at repairing your liver more intensely by doing a detox and a specific Liver flush – we will talk about this protocol more in depth in the next blog post – so stayed tuned!